Windows Phone Gets “Smoked” By a Galaxy Nexus

Remember Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion? It’s a pretty arrogant “challenge” that pits any other phone against a Windows Phone in a race to pull-up information like the weather. Apparently it’s just backfired, badly – a Galaxy Nexus just smoked a Windows Phone. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t take it like a man, instead throwing its toys out of the pram and rather screwing the pooch. Read More >>

Now You Can Watch the Whole Hour of the Galaxy Nexus’ Unveiling

We all know what came out of Samsung and Google's big launch event in the dead of last night. Heck, we even know Samsung "definitely" didn't rip off Apple with the design. But did you know that Google's Andy Rubin and Samsung's president JK Shin were extremely skilled in synchronised phone-demoing? Skip 8 mins and 10 secs in for some giggles. [YouTube] Read More >>