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It’s Probably Safe to Assume That If Someone Steals Your Phone, They’ll Be Able to Get Through the Lockscreen

Apple's iOS 6.1 lockscreen is basically Swiss cheese, it's so full of holes, and now Android's being hit with something similar. You can apparently bypass Samsung Galaxy Note 2's lockscreen, be it PIN, pattern, password, or face-unlock protected, with a quick couple of button presses. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Note 2 Will Be Vodafone’s First 4G Phones

Our very own bright red mobile operator has relayed plans that it will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the first 4G handsets on its fresh and fast network when it launches next Spring. Read More >>

The 4G Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Be Available on EE’s LTE Network

Those wondering whether the original phablet's follow-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, would be available on 4G networks in the UK, can now rest easy. Come October 15th, it'll be available on EE's Orange and T-Mobile sub-brands, and on EE's 4G network at the end of the month. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Could Cost More Than an iPhone 5

OK, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is much, much bigger than an iPhone 5, but could it really command a premium over the £530 asking price of Apple's sales-monster? Pre-orders have gone live for the Note 2 in the UK, and, unfortunately, it's not going to come cheap. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 Just Made the Phablet Even Bigger (Updated with Hands-On)

Samsung's just unveiled the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA in Berlin, the phablet just got bigger and faster. The 5.5-incher takes the original Note idea, that quite a few people loved, and runs with it, including some fancy Wacom-style stylus tricks. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Got a Really Funny Idea of What Counts as “Small” and “Light”

The Galaxy Note 2 is incoming, and we'll see it at IFA next week, but first Samsung's treating us to a weird teaser video. Samsung seems to have things a tad confused too, because I certainly wouldn't call a 5.5-inch-plus phablet "small," and I'll bet it's not all that "light" either. Read More >>

Samsung’s Gunning For the iPhone 5 With Its “Unbreakable” Galaxy Note 2 Phablet

Samsung's apparently got a new phablet on its way, and considering the success of the original Galaxy Note, I'm not surprised. The Koreans aren't holding their punches though -- Samsung's apparently bringing the Galaxy Note 2 forward to launch in October to take Apple's incoming iPhone 5 head on. Read More >>