Teardown Confirms Samsung’s Refurbished Note 7 Has a Smaller, Less Explode-y Battery

Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note 7, aka the Note Fan Edition, was announced last month. But instead of excitement, everyone had one question in mind: Will it also explode? Read More >>

For Some Reason, Samsung Might Sell Refurbished Versions of Its Exploding Phones

The Galaxy Note 7 is a huge black mark for Samsung—an exploding embarrassment that cost the company tonnes of money and kicked off one of the biggest PR nightmares in recent memory. But despite the global recall, the jokes on late night TV, and the fact that the US FAA and other agencies banned the phone from air travel, Samsung might sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s in the future. That’s... certainly a choice! Read More >>

garbage fires
Samsung’s Battery Factory Caught on Fire Because of Course It Did

Just when you almost forgot about what a shitty time Samsung’s been having, a literal garbage fire broke out at the company’s battery supplier in Tianjin, China. The cause? Discarded faulty batteries. Read More >>

Samsung Will Pay Galaxy Note 7 Suppliers For Unused Parts

Behold, the next chapter in the unending Galaxy Note 7 exploding phone saga. According to a new report from Reuters, Samsung will pay suppliers who already made components of the Galaxy Note 7 for unused parts. The company will also “consider giving them orders for other models to cushion the blow”. Samsung also plans to compensate suppliers for any unused Galaxy Note 7 raw materials. Read More >>

Idiot Blogger Quotes Fight Club to Argue That Actually, Exploding Phones Are No Big Deal

Josh Dickey, an editor at Mashable, just published a blog post about why he’s keeping his Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The smartphones have been exploding left and right, and Samsung is officially halting sales of the device and recalling all phones already in the wild. But Mr. Dickey wants you to know that, actually, exploding phones are fine and good. And he has the Fight Club quotes to prove it. Read More >>

14 Things to Buy Instead of a Note 7 That Definitely Won’t Explode

Depending on how you look at it, the Galaxy Note 7 is either a very good phone with one very bad problem or a very bad hand grenade with one very good problem. Either way, you probably don’t want one in your pocket, as Samsung has killed the phone after urging customers to power down. Read More >>

Man’s Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire, Samsung Accidentally Texts “I Can Try and Slow Him Down”

A third replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has caught fire. Michael Klering of Nicholasville, Kentucky told WKYT that he woke up at 4am and his room was filled with smoke. The phone that Samsung had recently replaced was burning. “It wasn’t plugged in. It wasn’t anything, it was just sitting there,” he said. Read More >>

Samsung Rejigs Battery Icon to Reassure Customers That THEIR PHONE WON’T EXPLODE

Samsung’s had better days. The South Korean behemoth’s latest smartphone has basically been trying to kill people, and that’s not a feature we were told about at the launch. These tech companies, they’re getting sloppy. Read More >>

Airlines Now Verbally Warning Passengers Not to Use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the Plane

Airlines and airports are beginning to crack down on explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. This was brought to the attention of many when New York Times reporter Mike Isaac tweeted that his airline verbally warned passengers to power off and stow the recalled device. Read More >>

Samsung’s Exploding Smartphone Suspected in House Fire

Last week, Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. But it seems like every day we’re hearing stories about the defective devices being the potential cause of everything from burning Jeeps in Florida to flaming hotel beds in Australia. Now, authorities in the US are investigating a house fire with a possible connection to the infamously combustible device. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Teardown Reveals its Waterproof Guts

Drop your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 down the toilet and all you'll have to worry about is who was in there before you – its IP68 rating means it's fully waterproofed for up to 30 minutes in five feet of water. But how has Samsung managed to keep all those smart components safe from a soaking? Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a Sexting Addict’s Dream

Now that Samsung's finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 7, there's only one thing I can think of. If I had this phone, I could easily become the slimeball my father always hoped I'd grow up to be. Read More >>

Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It's got an (S) pen, it's got waterproofing, and it's got that customary giant screen. Samsung's revealed its Galaxy Note 7 which, unlike the Note 5, is actually getting a full release in the UK and Europe from September 2nd. And already the network teases are getting prepared to flog it. Read More >>

Oh God, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Has a GIF Making Feature

It was all going so well, too. Samsung has quietly revealed that the freshly launched Galaxy Note 7's stylus comes with a feature called Smart Select GIFs. Read More >>

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Watch Samsung Launch the Galaxy Note 7 Live Right Here

Will it be another car crash of a press event? Or will it be normal? Will there be inappropriate pole dancing? Tech glitches? Songs? Who knows! Samsung occasionally knocks it out of the park, but sometimes sets the park on fire. Read More >>