There Might Be A Camera Inside The Galaxy Note 10’s Stylus

All the way back in 2017, when we thought the world was terrible but had no idea how terrible it was going to become, Samsung filed a patent for a smartphone stylus with a camera inside. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note III’s 5.68-Inch Body Shows Up In Crime Scene Photos

Samsung has left us a note (cough) ahead of its big Berlin reveal at IFA next week, with a purported Galaxy Note 3 display leaking out this week via the guts supplier ETradeSupply. What can we glean from this crime scene photograph? It appears the display will measure 5.68-inches, edging out last year's 5.5-inch efforts. Big news. Read More >>

A 3D Blu-Ray Player Is Your Home-Cinema-Upgrade Deal of the Day

If you didn't get yourself a 'smart TV' last time you upgraded your gogglebox, now's the chance to get the likes of Lovefilm, Netflix and The Internet pumped on to your screen without forking out for another telly. Read More >>

The Best F*cking Ad Ever for the Samsung Galaxy F*cking Note

Someone in Canada got one of those f*cking ridiculous Samsung Galaxy Notes and then decided it was too f*cking big, so he decided to sell it. Which is great, because his Craigslist ad is f*cking hilarious. Sadly it was flagged and removed. Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note Bulging In Your Pocket? Time to Tentatively Check For Updates

Having shown us all how awesome Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be on the Samsung Galaxy Note, it seems Samsung's stealth launched the Android 4.0 update, which is currently rolling out to select devices across Europe. It's time to check for updates, but be warned -- having seen what a mess Samsung's Galaxy S II ICS update was, you might be twiddling your thumbs for some time yet. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Note Is Your “Because Size Really Does Matter” Deal of the Day

Are you addicted to Draw Something? It’s great isn’t it, but sometimes the quality of the pictures that you’ve drawn with your fingertip might make your fellow players think that you’re living in a secure hospital. Worry no longer. Read More >>

A Cheap Printer You Wouldn’t Mind Smashing to Bits Is Your Stress-Busting Deal of the Day

Printers – love them or hate them, you probably almost certainly hate them. Ungainly iron monsters that break regularly and drink ink that costs more than liquid gold, they’re the bane of the modern world. Read More >>

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This Is What Samsung’s Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update Will Look Like

Samsung’s sold a hatful of its phablet the Galaxy Note, and like other models in its Galaxy range it too is getting a dose of Ice Cream Sandwich for 2012. Given its taken Samsung forever to get ICS onto the Galaxy S II, I wouldn’t hold your breath for an immediate, smooth release, but at least Samsung’s showing you what you can look forward to. I’m not sure if it makes the wait any better though. Read More >>

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The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Only Appropriate for an Elephant to Use

The Galaxy note, a 5.3-inch plastic and electric goiter of a hybrid crap phablet, has surprisingly taken off with the human population. And, seemingly, elephants, in Samsung's latest bizarre PR stunt. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms Lots of People Actually Want a Phablet Like the Galaxy Note

Last week we heard that people really were buying Samsung’s Galaxy Note phablet, at least down under. Now Samsung’s come out and confirmed it – it’s shipped over five million of the things and in just five months. It’s not even sporting Ice Cream Sandwich yet. Read More >>

Apparently Someone Really Does Want a Phablet Like the Galaxy Note and It’s Selling Better Than the iPhone

It might be smack-bang in the middle of that awkward zone -- neither phone sized nor a proper tablet -- but the stylus-equipped Samsung Galaxy Note is selling in its droves; at least in Australia, according to the Australian cut-price electronics entrepreneur, Ruslan Kogan, talking exclusively to Giz UK. Read More >>

Samsung Takes On the Wacom Art Tablets With 10.1-Inch Galaxy Note

Stealing features from the Galaxy Tab tablet and Note phone/tablet/whatever-it-is, the 10.1 inch Galaxy Note is aimed squarely at the creative types. Just like the rumours suggested, the Ice Cream Sandwich tablet comes with an S Pen stylus for sketching or jotting down notes, with the new marketing buzzword “S Note,” basically letting you fold your handwritten notes and drawings in with web content and other digital stuff, for creating recipes, diary entries, magazines and other such templates. Read More >>

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Here’s How the Samsung Galaxy Note Works

Want to know how the confused gargantuan phone/tiny tablet love child's stylus works? Here's a video about that. And some other features of the Note too. Watch it. Read More >>