All the Best Phone Cases for Nexus 6, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (Updated)

It's 2015 and that case you've got on your phone is so last year. Think of all the nights out, days away, scrapes, drops and scuffs that it has faced in the selfless task of protecting your communication device. You need a new one. Read More >>

How the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Stack Up Against Their Toughest Competition

The new iPhones are here! They're sleek and rounded, just like the leaked photos we've been seeing for months. But now we finally know what's inside that Jony Ive-designed shell. How do Apple's latest and greatest measure up to the stiff smartphone competition? Let's see. Read More >>

How Does the LG G3 Stack Up Against its Rivals?

It suffered its fair share of pre-launch leaks and rumours, but LG's G3 flagship smartphone managed to keep a handful of secrets back for last night's launch event. With a 2560 x 1440 resolution screen, a Laser Auto Focus camera and speedy quad-core processor, it has left nothing to chance. But does it have what it takes to impress over its iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 competition? Read More >>

Pictures of the Aluminium Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Will Frustrate Regular ‘Ol S5 Owners

If you'd been holding out for an upgrade until the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched, you'd have been a bit underwhelmed by the time it eventually broke cover. If you took the plunge and upgraded anyway, you'll be pretty miffed now that the aluminium S5 Prime has reared its head -- this is the phone the S5 always should have been. Read More >>

Rumour: A Super High-Res Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is in the Works

The Samsung Galaxy S5 proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Sure, it had a cleaner interface (not a hard feat to pull off considering the clutter of older versions of the TouchWiz UI), a nifty fingerprint scanner and some fitness-tracking smarts, but on the whole it fell short. That may be because Samsung's had a superior successor up its sleeve all along. Read More >>

New Samsung S5 Camera-Phone Hybrid Leaked in Ironically Blurry Photos

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? Whatever it is, it's shaped like a slightly thicker version of the Galaxy S5, and it's been caught on camera in the wild, a week before its expected debut at a Samsung event in Singapore. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hits UK Stores Today

While we're not expecting iPhone-like round-the-block queues for it, Samsung's latest and (arguably) greatest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, goes on sale around the world today. It's had a mixed, but mostly positive reception. Expect to pay around £570 for the phone SIM-free, or upwards of £40 a month with the phone free on two-year contracts. Read More >>

If the Samsung Galaxy S5 Doesn’t Tempt You, Maybe its Included Freebies Will

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 ready to hit stores, Samsung's making one final push to gain your custom. It has just revealed the premium "content gifts" it's offering alongside the handset, and they're not to be sniffed at. Read More >>

21 of the Best Cases to Guard Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Along with one of the biggest phone releases this year, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the usual flurry of cases are also being announced to defend your new pocket pal. With a more solid design than its predecessor and the inclusion of a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP67, there is no question that the S5 is a durable phone -- but will that stop an errant key or coin creating what might-as-well-be the Grand Canyon on the back of your phone? Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Meta-Review: A Worthy Upgrade, Even With Some Muddy Areas

We're still working on our Samsung Galaxy S5 review, but to tease your palate, see below for a smörgåsbord of thoughts from the first wave of reviews for Samsung's latest flagship. Read More >>

A Slimline Galaxy S5 Zoom Could Make the Phone Part of the S4 Zoom Frankencamera Useful

A tip of the hat is in order for Samsung's brave Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-smartphone mash-up attempt, which fused an optical zoom camera lens with the guts of an Android phone. A pity then it was so ugly. For its next trick, Samsung is rumoured to be working on the Galaxy S5 Zoom cameraphone, and is making it look more like, well, a phone. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Might Actually be Pretty Good According to New Leak

Now, we know we like to take the odd dig at Samsung's never-ending array of Galaxy handsets, but the latest sneak peak at the rumoured Galaxy S5 Mini points towards a budget-orientated flagship-spinoff that (providing the pricing is right) might ...whisper it... actually be pretty good. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Display (It’s Not Who You Think)

The Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of smartphones are flagship products for Samsung to show off its latest and greatest OLED displays and display technology. Samsung provided DisplayMate Technologies with a pre-release production unit of the Galaxy S5 so that we could perform our well known objective and comprehensive display lab tests, measurements, and analysis, explaining the in-depth OLED display performance results for consumers, reviewers, and journalists. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Goes Up for Pre-Order Today at Phones 4 U and Carphone Warehouse

With HTC having shown its hand with the HTC One M8, and Sony's Xperia Z2 also long having been revealed, we've now got a clear look at the Samsung Galaxy S5's Android competition. And if you still feel the latest Galaxy flagship comes out on top, you'll be able to pre-order it from today. Read More >>

Three Will Charge You £69 for a Samsung Galaxy S5

...But that's before you take into account the monthly cost of the two year contract you're signing up to along with the £69 handset, of course. Read More >>