The Galaxy S8 Is A Door To The Universe In New Korean Ad

There's a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Korea, and it's pretty cosmic. Read More >>

The Government Has Picked Galaxy S8 Day To Kickstart Brexit

The government has just announced that Theresa May will trigger Article 50 next Wednesday, the 29th of March, which will swing the UK's exit from the EU into action. Read More >>

The Galaxy S8 Comes In Purple, Leak Suggests

While some mobile manufacturers like to release their new devices in a rainbow of hues, the current favoured strategy seems to be to offer the basics – black, white, silver/grey – and then one pop of colour, which inevitably becomes the poster child for the phone. See, for instance, Google's Really Blue Pixel, which recently got its own matching pair of jeans. Read More >>

You’ll Have To Wait A Week Longer For Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Bad news for people as excited as I am about the upcoming Galaxy S8: it's been delayed a week. Read More >>

LG G6 Preorders Are Looking Strong

LG has announced that preorders for the impending LG G6 are looking good, averaging 10,000 a day in South Korea. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse Opens the Door to Samsung Galaxy S8 UK Preorders

If, like us, you're jumping up and down waiting to see what the Samsung Galaxy S8 has to offer, you'll be pleased to know that Carphone Warehouse has already opened pre-registration for the new phone. Read More >>

Finally, We Have Confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Date

At a press conference in Barcelona this afternoon, Samsung finally announced the date we've all been waiting for: the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Reportedly Leaked By Korean Network

As ever, there's been much speculation about Samsung's next Galaxy phone - presumably called the Galaxy S8 - and while we know it's not launching at MWC this time, a South Korean phone network insider has reportedly revealed the real date. Read More >>

Samsung Won’t Launch The Galaxy S8 At MWC This Year

After the long and hand-wringing investigation into why Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire, Samsung announced last night that its next phone, likely to be called the Galaxy S8, will not be launching at Mobile World Congress in February. Read More >>

Samsung Expected to Drop Physical Home Button From Galaxy S8

A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Samsung will ditch the physical home button when it launches the Galaxy S8 next year. Read More >>

Phew, Samsung Won’t be Rushing the Galaxy S8 Launch

Recent rumours suggested that Samsung’s response to the Galaxy Note 7 trouble would be to rush the Galaxy S8 -- a ridiculous move, considering that very tactic is being blamed for the predicament it’s currently in -- but new reports thankfully appear to shut that down. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S8 Expected to Feature VR-Friendly 4K Display

The excellent Samsung Galaxy S7 only came out a few months back, but rumours and leaks about its successor are already swirling around. Read More >>