How to Root The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (and Rid It of TouchWiz Hell)

Despite being a little long in the (blue) tooth, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 is still a pretty nifty Android tablet -- that is, if you ignore the quantity of bloat that Sammy's stuck on top. Thankfully, by rooting and flashing a custom ROM, we can get around that, and unleash the Tab 2's true potential. Read More >>

Tesco Easter Egg Hunt
Bag Yourself Some Free Chocolate Without Even Leaving Your Desk

It's Easter, and you know what that means -- chocolate! Because the Easter Bunny is real, damn it. And in some shameless self promotion, Tesco's taking to the virtual streets to hide some Easter eggs about town. Find three of the suckers and blag yourself one of the real variety. Time to get hunting. Read More >>

PlayStation Plus Now on PS Vita Is Your Free-Games Deal of the Day

We've mentioned the PlayStation Plus monthly games bonanza before, where subscribers can suck free games and other exclusive offers into their PS3 consoles every few weeks. Read More >>

A 7-Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 For Just £119 Is Your “iPad-Mini-What-Now?” Deal of the Day

Samsung's 7" Galaxy Tab 2 is here today, getting all in the face of Apple’s overpriced, not-that-great-actually iPad Mini, taunting it and throwing shadow punches hither and thither. Read More >>

Cheap Amazon Next-Day Delivery to a Locker Near You Is Your Christmas-Sorted Deal of the Day

As Christmas hurtles towards us like an amphetamine-fuelled pit pony, more and more of us will be ordering stuff from the virtual treasure trove that is Amazon. But if we're out at work or frolicking in sand dunes all day, actually getting your goodies could be tricky. Read More >>

A Bag of Marbles Is Your “That’s Convenient; I Lost Mine” Deal of the Day

Many of you come here every day for the latest bargains in the world of white-hot technology, but for some of you, talk of Blu-rays, SSDs and reverse carbohydrates is just a load of gobbledygook. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2s Are Late Because Ice Cream Sandwich Is a Pig to Handle

Having been announced in February and set for release before the end of March in the UK, we still haven’t seen any sign of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 2 tablets. Apparently that’s because Ice Cream Sandwich is a bit of a hog to wrestle onto new hardware, or at least that’s what Samsung says. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 Now Comes In an “Exciting” 10.1-Inch Flavour, But Is Fatter and Heavier Than the Original

How many bloody tablets does one company need? And how many bloody sizes do they have to come in? Samsung's added a 10.1-inch size model the Galaxy Tab 2 7-incher which was announced just the other day, whacking Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1GHz dual-core processor into the obese frame. No, seriously -- it's actually fatter and heavier than the original 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab. Read More >>