Samsung’s Gear Sport Is Easier to Use Than the Apple Watch, But Where Are my Damn Apps?

The Apple Watch might be the most popular smartwatch, but its controls and interface don’t hold a candle to what you get on Samsung’s watches. The problem is that because Samsung has been trying to start its own watch ecosystem with Tizen OS, its watches never received the rabid support that Apple’s got from day one. But with new partnerships with some of the biggest workout app makers around and a tighter focus on fitness, it feels like Samsung and the new Gear Sport could be inching its way towards a critical mass. Read More >>

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The $99 Samsung Gear VR is Going to Change Everything

Oculus announced a lot of cool stuff at its developer conference yesterdat, like a set of new streaming apps, including one for Netflix that’s available now. But there was a verifiable Oprah moment at the Dolby Theater in LA when it was announced that Samsung’s new Gear VR headset will be sold for $99 this autumn. Read More >>

First Class Fliers Get to Play With Samsung Gear VR Headsets

Select fliers on some Airbus A380 planes operated by Quantas will be able to mess around with a Samsung Gear VR headset while flying from Sydney and Melbourne, bringing you closer to the in-flight magazine than ever before. Read More >>

The Samsung Gear S Gets a Smartwatch Keyboard You Might Actually Use

Fleksy has created a keyboard to work with the upcoming Samsung Gear S. Will it make typing on a tiny smartwatch screen anything other than completely awkward? It's too soon to say. Read More >>

I Really Hope Samsung’s VR Headset Doesn’t Look This Silly

Plenty of information has already leaked out about Samsung's upcoming "Gear VR" headset, including some pretty clear shots of how it looks on the eye side. Now a leak from SamMobile shows what appears to be the front plate, and it looks pretty silly. Read More >>

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Ditches Android

As expected, Samsung has released its follow-up to last fall's Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The biggest change? That it has left Android in favour of a Tizen, an open-source operating system that gives Samsung a battery boost and, more importantly, a sense of independence. Read More >>