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How to Set Up Your Phone to Buy (Almost) Everything Without Cash

Mobile payments are the future, so we’re told. Apple, Google, and Android all want you surviving on nothing but their products—your financial data safely stored on an NFC chip inside. While not every store supports it, most of them do, and more are being added regularly. Same with the banks. We’ve run though everything, from which banks and stores support smartphone pay to which app to use. So read on so you can stop reaching for your wallet every time you want a coffee. Read More >>

Samsung Pay Now Supports Some More UK Banks

I can't see why anyone would want to sign up for Samsung Pay over Android Pay, and I say that as an S7 owner. For all intents and purpose the payment system is the same as Android Pay, but also worse. Mainly because it doesn't have the support as many banks. Read More >>

Samsung Pay Has Finally Arrived in the UK

Samsung Pay first arrived back in August 2015 when it launched in Korea. A US launch followed a month later, and now, nearly two years later, it's finally arrived in the UK. Read More >>

Rumour: Samsung Pay Will Launch In The UK This Month

Bixby isn't the only feature UK users are missing on the new Samsung Galaxy S8: we've also been waiting basically forever to get Samsung Pay. But it sounds like that wait could be nearly over. Read More >>

Why Visa Having a Developer Platform Actually Matters

A very dull press release from Visa has announced an actually important thing: the world’s largest payment processing network is opening up to developers. Yawn all you like, but this is big news. Read More >>

Samsung Pay is Ready to Blow Apple Pay Out of the Water in the UK

Apple Pay launched to great fanfare in the UK earlier this year, but it may be late-to-the-party Samsung with its Samsung Pay system that ends up having the last money-moving laugh. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Big Phone, Small Changes, Smaller Battery

The stylus-packing Galaxy Note series has come into its own in recent years, to the point where we've been able to crown the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the best big phone on the planet. But being big isn't enough alone anymore, with the Apple's iPhone 6 Plus taking some of the shine away from the supersized Android phablet brigade. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Read More >>

Samsung Pay Might Finally Let You Ditch Your Wallet

Mobile payments are here, the adoption of Apple Pay is evidence enough. But Samsung thinks it can do smartphone payments even better (of course), and that's why they've created Samsung Pay, a tech team up that will make mobile payments more accessible than ever. Read More >>