New Images of Samsung Galaxy S10 and its Blockchain KeyStore Leak

We seem to get a new leak of the Samsung Galaxy S10 every day at the moment. Here's the latest -- two clear photos of the front of the phone and some information about its Blockchain KeyStore feature. Read More >>

The S10’s Selfie Camera Might Have a Second Screen Over the Top

The latest in the endless rumour train on the upcoming Galaxy S10 is the news that the selfie camera – which we're expecting to be underneath a hole in the screen – may actually have a secondary, tiny display over the top to prevent interruption. Read More >>

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10s Won’t be Cheap, According to New Leak

We're in the run up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 on 20th February, so there are a lot of rumours and leaks flying around. Seriously, it's like we already know everything about this phone already. Well today a new leak has more pricing information for the phone, and it looks like the people who want the best of the best are going to have to pay a lot for that privilege. Read More >>

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup In All Its Glory

We've already seen the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the wild, in the hands of a hapless worker snapped using it on a bus. Now we have an official-looking photo of the whole three-phone lineup, courtesy of superleaker Evan Blass: Read More >>

Someone’s Been Snapped Holding An S10 Plus On A Bus

The leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been pouring in, but the latest one is probably going to get someone fired. Read More >>

Okay, This Argument for 8K TVs Is Kinda Convincing 

I am not on board with 8K. The TVs will be expensive, there’s zero content for them, and they’ll heavily rely on internal processors for upscaling that already struggle to upscale HD content properly to 4K. It seems smarter to work on HDR tech, which makes a more substantial improvement at this time than higher resolution. 8K feels less like new tech to be excited about, and more like flashy language someone in marketing is hoping will help a company sell a few more TVs. But during a closed-door briefing at CES last week, Sony attempted to make a case for why 8K should be the future of televisions, and it made some sense. Read More >>

Samsung’s 5G-Ready S10 ‘X’ Sounds Like a Powerhouse That Will Wreck Your Wallet

By now, news has already got out about Samsung’s next Unpacked event on Febuary 20th, where we’re expecting to see all three version of the new S10 (S10 Lite, S10, and S10 Plus). But now, a new report from South Korean outlet ETNews suggests that the Samsung S10’s 5G-ready variant will sport some truly far-out hardware. Read More >>

Samsung Kicks off Foldable Phone Hype Campaign With Korean Language Adverts in Paris

Folding phones are coming! Well one of them is already here, and the next big one is set to be properly revealed on 20th February. Samsung, which has been rumoured to be working on a foldable device for *years*, has kicked off its marketing/hype campaign for the folding Galaxy X/F. It involves a series of posters that have been put up in Paris, with Korean words plastered over them. Read More >>

More Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumours Give Specs, Details

Once again some new details of the Galaxy S10 have leaked, and once again we're wondering whether there'll be anything left to reveal on the 20th of February. Read More >>

Samsung Accidentally Leaked Images Of The Galaxy S10

Own Goal of the Day goes to Samsung, who managed to use the unreleased Galaxy S10 for its sample phone in an article about its new UI. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: What Made TVs Fascinating at CES This Year

It’s hard to imagine CES without TVs, and this year that almost happened. This is not to say there weren’t any TVs in Las Vegas. There were a lot! There were 8K TVs, OLED TVs, QLED TVs, big TVs, small TVs. But it’s hard to explain how they’re meaningfully different than the fancy TVs we were excited about at CES last year. Well, for one, you can buy some of the coolest things now. We also saw completely new TV tech rear its head. And everything is big, big, big. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Samsung’s Smart Fridge Got Some Upgrades, But It Still Won’t Fit In My House

Earlier today Samsung held its CES press conference. Connected homes was a big focus, with upgrades to Bixby, Samsung's smart washer and dryers and of course, the Family Hub. Read More >>

CES 2019: Remember Samsung’s Massive Wall TV? Now There’s A Bigger One

At CES 2019 Samsung unveiled The Wall - a bloody huge TV that certainly lived up to its namesake. Read More >>

Samsung Officially Confirms the Galaxy S10 Will Launch on 20th February

We've heard rumours from all over the place claiming that Samsung would be announcing the Galaxy S10 on 20th February - a whole 5 days before the start of Mobile World Congress that usually hosts this event. Now Samsung has confirmed those rumours, announcing that the new phone range will be unveiled at 7pm UK time. Read More >>

New Rumour Reiterates Galaxy S10’s Launch Date

Back before Christmas, when we released our bumper load of leaked Galaxy S10 information, our source divulged when the phone was expected to be announced. Now new information reiterates that we will see the new phone on 20th February. Read More >>