Samsung’s Gear Sport Is Easier to Use Than the Apple Watch, But Where Are my Damn Apps?

The Apple Watch might be the most popular smartwatch, but its controls and interface don’t hold a candle to what you get on Samsung’s watches. The problem is that because Samsung has been trying to start its own watch ecosystem with Tizen OS, its watches never received the rabid support that Apple’s got from day one. But with new partnerships with some of the biggest workout app makers around and a tighter focus on fitness, it feels like Samsung and the new Gear Sport could be inching its way towards a critical mass. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Oreo Beta Programme Just Kicked Off in the UK

Oreo has been on Google devices for a short time, and now two of the latest Samsung handsets will get access to the latest version of Android thanks to a new beta programme that just kicked off here in the UK. Read More >>

Samsung’s Trialling Its Own Genius Bar So It Can Tell You Your Phone Is Screwed In Person

For some reason Apple's Genius Bar seems to resonate with people. Maybe it's the use of the word 'genius' that makes people feel more at ease, or maybe it's because it's the only place you can get Apple products looked at without voiding your warranty. Whatever the reason, Samsung's decided it wants to do something similar. Presumably so it can tell you it's not responsible for fixing your phone in person. Read More >>

Samsung Electronics CEO to Mysteriously Resign Amid Record Profits

In the year since the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung has had to work hard to get its business back on track. However, thanks to devices like the Galaxy S8 and the recent Galaxy Note 8 along with thriving component sales, the company is now forecasting record profits, eclipsing even those of its biggest rival, Apple. Read More >>

virtual reality
Okay, Maybe This Microsoft VR Thing Won’t Suck

VR, like that one cousin on Facebook, can be hard to love. The potential is there, and you have all these fond memories—mainly rooted in cool science fiction books you’ve read, but in reality VR is pricey, buggy, and kind of limited to one experience: games. Yet Microsoft has been making a lot of low key noise about VR, AR, and the mixed reality recently, and how it can be more than a tool for fragging aliens. Read More >>

That Annoying Bixby Button on your S8 Can Finally be Disabled

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8, it also unveiled Bixby - its very own answer to Siri. The handset had a built-in button especially for calling upon Bixby, and Samsung was adamant that you weren't going to use that button for anything else. Read More >>

Samsung’s Flexible Flip Phone Might Be Coming Next Year

Sometimes a new gadget is just really cool-looking. It hits all the right aesthetic notes, boasts a flashy new technology and looks like something you want. But whether it’s something you need—or will be willing to empty out your wallet for—is another matter entirely. Read More >>

iPhone X Alternatives: Great Phones For People Who Don’t Want to Spend £1,000

If you’re among the many people who find the eye-watering £999 price tag of the new iPhone X outrageous, fear not. There are many less expensive alternatives that still deliver a high-quality experience. Read More >>

The Frame by Samsung Is Not a Work of Art, But It Sure Is a Fine TV

The Frame by Samsung is about as pretentious as a television could be. It’s a £1,999 4K TV that doubles as a digital display for works of art. You can even hang it on your wall with a “no gap” mount and attach faux wood panels to the sides so that it looks like painting. Neat idea, sure, but inevitably, The Frame by Samsung is still just a television wrapped in a fancy sales pitch. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Bigger, Badder, But I Still Want More

Forgive me for passing up the chance to beat the exploding battery joke into the ground. Let’s get straight to the point: Samsung’s once dominant flagship phablet is back after a two year hiatus. Sporting a stunning extra-widescreen 18.5:9 display, the new Galaxy Note 8 is bigger and more engaging than ever before, and it packs a larger power pack than any Note besides the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 too. But a lot has changed since 2015—especially when you consider that starting at £870, the new Note 8 is now more expensive than ever. That means there are two questions it needs to answer: Does the Galaxy Note 8 still make sense in 2017, and can it possibly be worth damn near £900? Read More >>

You Don’t Need a Real Face to Beat the Galaxy Note 8’s Facial Recognition

Samsung has made some bold claims about its new biometrics, like how facial recognition is more secure than using a PIN. Well someone decided to put that to the test, and look what they managed to do: Read More >>

The New, Smaller Samsung Frame TV Is The One That I Want

Samsung's The Frame is a TV that's just as much a piece of art as it is a television. Switch it on and it's a 4K Ultra HD; switch it off and it'll display any of hundreds of pieces of art. And Samsung's just announced a smaller 43-inch version, that interests me a lot more than the existing 55-inch and 65-inch versions. Read More >>

Samsung Shoehorns AI Assistants into Washing Machines

We have in our inbox an email from Samsung, announcing the existence of the WW8800M. It's a £1600 washing machine, basically, which justifies that exorbitant price tag by mentioning both the Internet of Things and a built-in AI assistant in the spec sheet. Read More >>

Samsung Firmware Update Bricks its Own TVs

TVs branded with the ludicrous model numbers of UE49MU7070, UE40MU6100 and UE50MU6100K by Samsung are breaking across the country right now, as a firmware update issued by Samsung is bringing them grinding to a halt. Read More >>

A Cheaper Version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Happen

Let's not beat around the bush, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 costs a lot. Far too much for most normal people to justify, especially if they're on a two-year upgrade cycle. £869 is, after all, more than I spent on my last phone and TV combined. Well Samsung might have a solution to that problem: a cheaper variant of the Note 8 with lower specs. Read More >>