South Korea Retailer Accidentally Outs Some Minor Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Details

When it comes to phone leaks there are only two things you need to remember. Firstly, leaks will happen and there won't be that many surprises by the time launch rolls around. Secondly, at least one retailer will fuck up and post information before it's supposed to. That just happened with South Korean retailer KT Plaza Shop, who posted some details about pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before promptly deleting it. Read More >>

Did You Plan on Buying a 512GB Galaxy Note 9? Too Bad, Samsung Probably Won’t Let You

When it comes to international releases, phone companies rarely offer a universal range of products. Some of them do, but plenty of them don't. Samsung is one of the worst, keeping certain colours or variants away from specific markets for reasons that never quite make sense. That's not likely to change anytime soon, because the rumoured 512GB Galaxy Note 9 isn't likely to be available here. Read More >>

Don’t Expect the Galaxy Note 9 to Resurrect the Camera Button

Whatever happened to phones coming with camera buttons? There was a period about three of four years long when they were all over the place, but now they're rarer than porn in the Vatican. There had been rumours that the button would make its triumphant return on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but some leakers claim otherwise. Read More >>

Surprise! Word is Samsung’s Folding Phone is Going to be Very Expensive

We've been hearing about Samsung's mythical folding phone a lot recently, with Samsung itself confirming it was close to launch. While we still don't know exactly when it will arrive, we do know that it will only be available in very limited numbers, and it sounds like there are good reasons for that. A new rumour claims the phone is going to be expensive. Very expensive. Double the price of the iPhone X expensive. Read More >>

Rumour Claims Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 Will Use Fancy Tech to Avoid Notching Their Screens

The latest trend in the smartphone industry is full-screen displays that minimise the bezel and take full advantage of a phone's size. There's still hardware that needs to be positioned on the front, though, so the majority of phone makers have resorted to adding a 'notch' to accommodate sensors, the front camera, an earpiece/speaker grill, and so on. But if the latest rumour is to be believed, Samsung and LG might implement fancy new tech to avoid any sort of notch or bar at the top of their next big phones. Read More >>

Details About Samsung’s Long-Expected Bixby Speaker Have Just Leaked

When it comes to levels of AI assistant popularity Samsung's Bixby is, well, erm... It's probably best not to go there. It's only available on expensive Samsung phones, and to top it off a lot of people don't really like it. That's compared to the others, which are all more readily available and in the hands of more people. Samsung's not going to let Bixby go anytime soon, and it's long been expected that the company will develop it's own Bixby-powered smart speaker to take on the competition. It just so happens that some details about that have leaked. Read More >>

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Renders Leak, and it Looks Exactly How You’d Expect

A lot of phones have already been released in the first half of this year, but there are even more on the way before 2019 rolls around. One of those phones is Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, currently expected to be unveiled on 9th August. As is the way, some alleged renders of the phone have leaked, and they reveal a phone that looks exactly how you'd expect it to look. Read More >>

Report Claims Samsung Will Rebrand Gear VR as Galaxy VR

For several years Samsung has been using the 'Gear' brand for things that aren't phones: Gear Fit, Gear VR, and the Gear smartwatches. Now reports claims the Gear brand is gearing off for a trip into the sunset, with Samsung adopting the Galaxy branding across the board. Reports that Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit have been trademarked have been circulating for a while now, but according to SamMobile Samsung will be extending the name change to virtual reality. Read More >>

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Arrive on August 9th

We've heard a lot of rumours that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Note 9 earlier than usual, and now a new report claims that it will arrive on August 9th - a full two weeks earlier than the day it launched the Note 8 last year. Read More >>

Dutch Court Says Samsung Doesn’t Have to Update Your Old Phones

If you have an Android phone you can probably expect two to three years of software updates if you're lucky, and by the end of it you'll probably only get essential security updates. Beyond that you're stuck, and will need to buy something new if you want to keep the software up to date. People have been fighting for better software updates on third-party Android phones for years, but they've faced a bit of a snag after a dutch court ruled Samsung doesn't have an obligation to offer them. Read More >>

Samsung Advances the War on Bezels, Turns a Phone-Size Display Into a Speaker

There are lots of phones trying to maximise the amount of screen space they can fit into a regular-sized phone at the moment, despite the fact there are a bunch of important bits of hardware in the way. Hardware like the front camera, a speaker, and various different sensors. Some companies just deal with the fact they can't strip it all away and leave a bar at the top of the phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S9, while other opt for a notched display. Read More >>

Leak Claims to Reveal Some Key Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs

One look at the news circulating this morning and it's clear that phone rumour season is upon us. It's my favourite time of year, by which I mean the opposite. It's generally pretty soul crushing look at phone cases and leaked screen protectors to gleam some information about the design of the phone. But that's life. The latest leak involves the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, apparently revealed some key specs. Read More >>

Samsung Forced to Pay Apple £405 Million for Violating iPhone Patents

Since 2011, the two smartphone giants have been fighting over five patents due to the claim that Samsung infringed on Apple’s intellectual property when it made a handful of devices including the original Galaxy S 4G, the Galaxy S2, and the Droid Charge. Read More >>

Samsung Will Launch Bixby 2.0 With the Galaxy Note 9

If recent reports are anything to go by, we don't have very long to wait before the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 arrives. What we definitely know is that whenever the Note 9 arrives, it will also bring the second generation of Bixby along for the ride. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Latest Ad is All About How Apple Throttled Those iPhones

When it was discovered that Apple had been throttling older iPhone models without telling anyone, people rightly had some strong words to say about it. While the company insisted that the move designed to ensure a consistent user experience, and not to try and force them to upgrade, they were forced to make amends to everyone that had been affected. That means discounted battery replacements, and giving people the option to turn off throttling - though that may lead to "unexpected shutdowns". Read More >>