Samsung’s Cheapest Flagship is a Great Phone in a Weird Time

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is the company’s most affordable flagship, which isn’t saying much: the 6.2-inch smartphone costs £899. It is a very good phone with a very good – dare I say the very best – display of almost any phone on the market (the only better panels being the S20's larger siblings, the S20+ and S20 Ultra). In normal times, I’d say the Galaxy S20 is obviously worth the asking price. Read More >>

Samsung’s Slinky and Stylish Galaxy Book S is Getting a UK Launch

Samsung has made the decision to release its Galaxy Book S laptop in the UK, and if you're in the market for a new one, it's worth a look, and not just because it's so pretty. Read More >>

Yup, the Escobar Fold 2 Seems to Be a Samsung Galaxy Fold With a Sticker on it

The saga of Pablo Escobar-branded folding phones continues. When the Pablo Escobar Fold 1 and Fold 2 launched, every phone nerd could tell that these phones were blatant, suspiciously priced rebrands of other foldable smartphones. Namely, the Royole FlexPai and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Well, now YouTubers have gotten their hands on the Fold 2 to’s a Galaxy Fold with a gold sticker on it. Read More >>

Samsung Blames the Coronavirus for the Galaxy S20’s Horrible Sales Numbers

As you all might have noticed, the coronavirus outbreak is affecting a lot of things in the tech world, from huge conferences to international and domestic travel, among others. Now, Samsung is also blaming coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, for the new Galaxy S20 line’s horrible initial sales numbers in South Korea. Read More >>

Huawei Mocks Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr, Stubbornly Insists People Only Want One Kind of Foldable

Earlier this week Huawei unveiled a 'new' foldable phone, which is really almost identical to its old foldable phone that we haven't been able to buy yet. So that's been on the mouths of many Huawei executives, including UK managing director Anson Zhang who had some harsh words to say about rival foldables. Read More >>

BT and Samsung Teamed Up for the UK’s First Live 8K Sports Broadcast

Broadcasters are only just getting their heads round live broadcasting 4K and HDR, but we've already seen that some of them are turning their attention towards getting 8K out into the world for the 12 people that own 8K TVs. The latest is a UK first coming through a partnership with Samsung and BT Sport. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Glorious Excess with an Excessive Price

Let’s skip past all the hemming and hawing. Between its huge 6.9-inch 120Hz screen, beastly specs, 5G support, 108-MP main camera, Space Zoom lens, and 8K video capture, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is an absolute powerhouse. It has practically any feature you could ever want (aside from a headphone jack), and unless you’re a stylus die-hard, the S20 Ultra makes the £1,000 Note 10+ seem like a quaint mid-range device. And if price wasn’t a factor, I’d have a hard time choosing any phone available today over the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Read More >>

Samsung’s Buds are Probably the Budget AirPod Alternative You Want

Apple’s AirPods have become so ubiquitous that rival Bluetooth earbud makers have had to differentiate themselves with less-obnoxious designs, more features, or a lower price – or, as in the case of rival Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+, a combination of the three. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Is the First Foldable Phone Worth Caring About

With all the hazards and issues found on previous foldable phones, it’d be hard to blame anyone for writing off flexible screen tech completely. But that sentiment might be a bit premature, because with the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has made the first foldable phone worth caring about. Read More >>

24 Hours With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Has Me Convinced of a Folding Future

Samsung’s newest flagship, the £1,300 Galaxy Z Flip, might actually be the first foldable phone worth buying. The company gave me a Flip to use for 24 hours, which isn’t long enough to fully review the device, but I used the Flip as my main phone for a full day to see how it stands up to my daily life. Read More >>

Samsung Accidentally Texted The World

Someone seems to have accidentally pressed a wrong button at Samsung. On Thursday Galaxy users from around the world received a mysterious '1' message on their devices. Samsung has since address the incident and said there's nothing to worry about. Read More >>

No, You Can’t Just Buy a Galaxy Home Mini

The epic saga of the cauldron-like Samsung Galaxy Home Mini speaker continues. We didn't see the leaked gadget at the Samsung Unpacked launch for the S20, although Samsung have been giving it away with S20 preorders in Korea. Read More >>

I’m Convinced Samsung’s New Foldable Phone Is the Perfect Size

I love Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, almost in spite of myself. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Might Have an Under-Screen Camera

Samsung has only just released the Galaxy Z Flip, but already the rumour mill is churning, trying to figure out what's next. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Looks Rather Fragile in this Durability Test

Samsung’s proclaimed that it has “done the impossible” with its Galaxy Z Flip, that the smartphone even “bends the laws of physics.” But now a new durability test video has us questioning whether its screen really is made of that ultra-thin glass that’s supposed to set it apart from the company’s other bendable phone, the (originally disastrous) Galaxy Fold. Read More >>