We Have New Details About The Samsung Galaxy S10

Heads up, phone fans: there's been a new leak about the Samsung Galaxy S10, and it's a good'un. Read More >>

Samsung’s First Flexible Phone Could Cost £1,400, and That Price Seems Totally Reasonable

Last week, Samsung teased its Infinity Flex Display for use on a still-unnamed folding smartphone. Samsung’s project isn’t the only bendy-screen device in the works, but reports from two Korean news agencies already have people balking about the gadget’s anticipated price. Read More >>

New Report Reiterates Rumours That Samsung’s Foldable Phone is Going to Cost a Fortune

On Wednesday evening we got our first glimpse at Samsung's foldable phone, a device that was essentially a smartphone with a tablet hiding inside. But this wasn't a product launch, and it means there's a lot we still don't know about the almost-mythical device. What we have heard is that it won't be cheap, and a new report reiterates that claim. Read More >>

Android Will Soon Let You Update Its Apps While You’re Still Using Them

There was plenty of Samsung buzz coming out of two individual events this week, not the least of which included the unveiling of its yet-unnamed foldable device. Another neat reveal coming out of the Android Dev Summit, however, is a feature that will allow users to continue using Android apps while they’re being updated. Read More >>

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Has a Tablet Hiding Inside

The keynote speech at Samsung's Developer Conference has just finished, and on stage the company finally unveiled the foldable phone we've been hearing about for so long. Read More >>

Samsung Set to Reveal Actual Foldable Phone Details Tomorrow

The slow race to develop a foldable phone is coming to an end. Not only have we seen the first hinge-free foldable device in the form of the Royole FlexPai, Samsung itself has started teasing its near-mythical foldable handset. Well teases are good, but when will we see some solid details about this phone? According to a new report from Reuters we only have to wait until tomorrow. Read More >>

Samsung’s Getting Ready to Unveil the Folding Phone

Now that they've been beaten to the folding phone punch by lesser-known brand Royole, it seems Samsung is gearing up to show us what they've been working on all this time. Read More >>

You Can Finally Preorder the 4G Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch has been available on these shores for about a month now, but the version with its own 4G connection has ironically been taking a little longer to load. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S10 May Ditch the Iris Scanner

The Iris Scanner has been a staple part of Samsung's flagship Galaxy phones for a while now, but word it is might be getting killed off. Well we actually heard about this rumour a while back, with the promise that Samsung was investing in better facial recognition, but now it's back. Read More >>

New Rumour Reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have a 43 Megapixel Camera

As far as I'm aware we're past all the big phone launches for 2018, except for maybe Xiaomi's impending UK launch of still-unspecified products. Naturally that means we have to readjust our focus onto 2019's handsets in a way we just weren't doing before. We've already heard plenty of rumours, but you should expect them to start flying out every five minutes. The latest to hit the web is one claiming Samsung will add a ridiculous 43-megapixel camera to the Galaxy S10. Read More >>

We Might Not Get That Samsung Folding Phone ‘Til June 2019

For a while, it was all looking pretty positive for the long-rumoured Samsung folding phone: first Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh made some comments confirming its existence, then a cryptic tweet was taken as proof it was coming soon, then it turned out the tweet was probably right when a whole load of new details came out about the Galaxy S10 and folding phone, codenamed 'Winner' (eurgh). Read More >>

New Details Emerge About the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Folding Phone

Exciting new details about Samsung's phone plans for next year – including 5G, the rumoured foldable phone and the Galaxy S10 – have been revealed in a new report. Read More >>

Samsung is Also Working on Folding-Screen Laptops

We knew Samsung – and LG and Lenovo, and Huawei, and everyone else it seems – was working on a fold-up smartphone. But it seems they're working on foldy laptop displays, too. Read More >>

Subtle Tweet May Give Date of the Samsung Folding Phone Reveal

Tech media is all a-flap today because a low-key tweet is being taken as proof of the date we'll finally see the long-awaited Samsung folding phone. Read More >>

“We Are Working on Foldable 5G Phones,” Says Huawei CEO

It's been reported that just about everyone is working on a foldable phone at the moment, from Samsung to an LG-Lenovo partnership. Now, Huawei has confirmed rumours that it also intends to release a fold-up phone – and it'll be 5G-capable. Read More >>