‘Crown Prince Of Samsung’ Arrested, May Become Crown Prince Of Prison

It's more bad news for Samsung as its de-facto leader, Jay Y. Lee, has been arrested in South Korea in an ongoing investigation into bribery and corruption. Read More >>

garbage fires
Samsung’s Battery Factory Caught on Fire Because of Course It Did

Just when you almost forgot about what a shitty time Samsung’s been having, a literal garbage fire broke out at the company’s battery supplier in Tianjin, China. The cause? Discarded faulty batteries. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 7 Battery Factory Catches on Fire Now

A fire has broken out at a Chinese factory that produced batteries for Samsung's doomed Galaxy Note 7 device, as the misery surrounding everyone that's ever had anything to do with Samsung's global disaster continues. Read More >>

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Samsung Scores That Sweet, Sweet Trump Tweet

It’s a big day for South Korean tech company Samsung, who managed to cop a shoutout from Donald Trump on Twitter this afternoon. Does anyone else smell money? Buy buy buy! Read More >>

Google Daydream vs Samsung Gear VR: Which Mobile VR Platform is Best?

Getting a premium VR headset is a pricey endeavour, and even the relatively cheap PSVR requires a minimum of £550 to get the most basic experience. But there are other systems capable of using your smartphone, that thing you use every single day, to offer a VR experience. It's nowhere near as impressive as the uber-expensive stuff, but it's also a darn sight cheaper. The only question is, which platform is best? Read More >>

Samsung Won’t Launch The Galaxy S8 At MWC This Year

After the long and hand-wringing investigation into why Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire, Samsung announced last night that its next phone, likely to be called the Galaxy S8, will not be launching at Mobile World Congress in February. Read More >>

Samsung Finally Releases Note 7 Disaster Autopsy

As promised, Samsung has revealed the results of its investigation into the spate of Galaxy Note 7s that caught fire. Read More >>

Samsung’s #SeeColors App Helps Colourblind People Adjust Their TV Correctly

Being colourblind isn't the thing that would normally affect your day to day life, but when it comes to things like televisions and other display-based devices, they're not really going to get the full experience. Samsung is determined to help them out a bit, and released a new app called #SeeColors as a result. Read More >>

Samsung’s Note 7 Explanation Will Be Livestreamed At Prime Time

Like the season finale of a TV drama, the final installation of the Galaxy Note 7 saga will be livestreamed in a prime time slot on Friday night. Airing at 8pm Eastern Time (that's 1am in the UK, 10am in Seoul) on Sunday 22nd January, the conclusion to Samsung's extensive investigation into its own failings will be transmitted in English at [SPOILER: The reason for the exploding phones is expected to be the battery.] Read More >>

“Crown Prince of Samsung” Avoids Arrest – For The Time Being

The warrant to arrest top Samsung exec Jay Y. Lee has been dismissed today by a court in South Korea and the de-facto company head has been allowed to leave the Seoul Detention Centre where he was being held, reports Reuters. Known in local media as the "Crown Prince of Samsung," Vice Chairman Lee leads the company in the absence of his chairman father Lee Kun-hee, who had a heart attack in 2014. Read More >>

Scientists Develop Lithium-Ion Battery That Doesn’t Burst Into Flames

Lithium-ion batteries are currently one of the biggest problems in the tech world. The ubiquitous power source has an annoying tendency to burst into flames. But researchers at Stanford University believe they may have found a solution with a built-in flame retardant that doesn’t harm the battery’s performance. Read More >>

Top Samsung Exec Faces Arrest in Massive Corruption Scandal

South Korea is in political chaos after the recent impeachment of its President, Park Geun-hye, and now, the charges of corruption are spreading to the highest levels of Samsung. A prosecutor is seeking the arrest of the company’s vice chairman and de facto leader, Jay Y. Lee. Read More >>

You Can Now Use Your Samsung Smartwatch With Your iPhone

The Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2 all work on iOS now, thanks to the latest app update from Samsung. Read More >>

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We’re Giving Tim Baxter’s Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Apology a 2/10

Samsung sensibly decided to use its flashy CES 2017 event as an opportunity to try to build some bridges with pretty much the entire world, with the company once again forcing Tim Baxter to put on his saddest face and tell everyone that he didn’t mean for the Note 7 to explode, before banging on about a load of souped-up tellies and fridges nobody can afford. Read More >>

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Samsung’s New Chromebook Knows What You Want to Write Before You Do

Google knows who I want to email before I email them. It knows what I want to type before I type it. It even knows where I want to drive to before I drive. So it was only a matter of time before Google figured out what I wanted to write with my pen before I finished my pen stroke. And now Google’s showing off this newest feat of machine learning in Samsung’s next major Chrome OS laptops: the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro. Read More >>