Samsung Drops New Hints About Foldable Phone

It's been rumoured for longer than it takes George R.R. Martin to write a book, but it looks like we're finally getting close to the elusive Samsung foldable phone. Some new comments from Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh at the Samsung Galaxy A9 launch event yesterday have got our hype trains fully fuelled and ready to roll. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy A9 Unveiled with Four Rear Cameras

Just as the leaks promised, the Samsung Galaxy A9 has launched, and it does indeed have a whopping four camera lenses lined up on its rear. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Phone Has FOUR Rear Cameras, Says Leak

The smartphone industry is doing a Gillette, it seems: first we had dual rear-camera phones, then Huawei came out with the three-rear-cam P20 Pro, and now Samsung has one-upped them with the Galaxy A9, which according to a new leak will have FOUR of the blighters. Read More >>

Daft Rumour Reckons Samsung is Ditching the Headphone Jack on the Galaxy S10

Ever since Apple made the bold (or stupid, depending on who you ask) decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack the rumour-mill has suggested that every other phone will be following suit. Samsung's name seems to pop up a lot, as I can remember, and now it's happened again. The Galaxy S10 is a long way off, and it's way too early to speculate about the phone's finer details, but the Korean tech media is already claiming the headphone jack is on the way out. Read More >>

Samsung’s 8K TVs Are Available For Pre-order Now

4K is such old news now. 3840 x2160 pixels? Pah, that's nothing! That's practically ancient technology now. Nah mate, if you want to keep up with the Joneses, then you better buy yourself an 8K TV set. Samsung's latest range of TVs are set to release next week and can be pre-ordered right now, offering four times the resolution of those old and useless 4K TV sets. 7680 x 4320! That's how many pixels we need! 33 million! Read More >>

Samsung Might be Adding Wireless Charging to Mid-Range Phones

A few weeks ago Samsung announced its intention to increase focus on its selection of mid-range Galaxy A handsets, with mobile chief DJ Koh promising new technology would hit these phones before the flagship Galaxy S range. Apparently this was to offer innovation to the price-conscious millennial market, who don't have £1,000 to spend on a phone. The company is taking things a step further today, with a report claiming that mid-range handsets will get wireless charging. Read More >>

Samsung is Working on Making DeX Completely Wireless

In the 18 or so months since Samsung first launched DeX, it's gone through quite a few changes. Whether it was the new stand launched with the Galaxy S9, or the stand-free cable that launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9, it seems Samsung is doing a lot to try and make DeX as unintrusive as possible. So it's no surprise that it's working on making the whole system completely wireless. Read More >>

Samsung 75Q9FN Review: The Best TV Money Can Buy?

Having a 75-inch TV in my living room has ruined me. Both physically and figuratively actually; unpacking a television of that size is bloody painful. But a bruised arm was worth it: Samsung’s 75Q9FN is a marvel. As it should be for the price tag, really. But it means that any other TV set actually in my price range is now sorely disappointing. Read More >>

Dozens of Samsung Execs Charged with Union Sabotage: Report

Despite having a domestic workforce of around 200,000 employees, fewer than 300 Samsung employees are part of a union, which seems a little curious. So South Korean regulators decided to dig a little deeper, and after a five-month investigation spurred by officials from South Korea’s Justice party, prosecutors have reportedly slapped Lee Sang-hoon, the chairman of Samsung’s board of directors, and 31 other Samsung execs and affiliates with charges of union sabotage. Read More >>

Leaks Show What We Can Expect From Samsung’s Four-Camera Galaxy A9

A couple of weeks ago Samsung started teasing us with the announcement of a new phone, promising '4x fun'. Many people assumed this meant this would be the rumoured phone with four rear camera camera lenses, and based on comments by Samsung's DJ Koh it was likely that it would be the newest device to hit the mid-range Galaxy A line. Now thanks to a new leak we know what the expect from this camera, as well as what it may look like. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have “Very Significant” Changes

According to the CEO of Samsung's mobile division, DJ Koh, the company's next handset, the Galaxy S10, will be getting "very significant" changes to its design. Read More >>

Samsung Teases a Four-Lens Camera With ‘4x Fun’ Event

Today, Samsung has released an invitation for an event that's taking place on 11th October. The invitations are pretty sparse on detail. With a bold '4x fun' header, the invite confirms the invitation is for the launch event of the next Galaxy device. Read More >>

Why Every TV Needs a Soundbar 

Soundbars are a relatively new invention. The 5.1 surround sound setup—one left speaker, one centre, one right, and two rear—used to be the most popular way to improve your home cinema’s audio, and it tended to be pretty expensive. Then, in 1998, Altec-Lansing released the world’s first soundbar and changed the way living rooms worked. It’s been two decades since, and thanks to a weird consequence of innovation, pretty much all TVs now require a soundbar. Read More >>

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Phones Will Support 5G, but Most Probably Won’t

5G is the next big thing, or that's what the big tech companies keep telling us. The phone companies are specifically getting excited, because they're going to be the first batch of companies producing device compatible with the new networks. Samsung is among them, and it's confirmed that there will be Galaxy S10 handsets with a 5G modem inside. But most importantly, there will also be Galaxy S10s that don't support 5G. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 9 Owners Will Eventually be Allowed to Disable Bixby

A couple of weeks ago, following the release of the Galaxy Note 9, it became apparent that it was missing a feature present on other Galaxy handsets - specifically the fact that you couldn't officially disable the Bixby button. But, from the sounds of things Samsung will be updating the phones so they can disable the much-maligned virtual assistant. That's according to a tweet from Samsung Germany at any rate. Read More >>