Samsung Almost Made a Perfect Smartwatch, But Its Health Tracking Is a Disaster

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch at its Unpacked Event a few weeks ago, I was cautiously optimistic. Sure, it did away with the company’s signature rotating bezel, but otherwise, it was sleek, had all the right specs, and honestly, Samsung has consistently put out some of the best Android-friendly smartwatches over the past few years. It just always seems to struggle with the leap from pretty good, to really great. Read More >>

Leaked Video Shows the Samsung Galaxy Fold Up Close, and it’s Not Great

Samsung has been pretty cagey about letting anyone get hands-on time with the upcoming Galaxy Fold, and a new leaked video might well show us why. Read More >>

Samsung’s Already Sick of the Punch-Hole Camera

They were hailed as the solution to the notch problem, but it seems punch-hole cameras have already outstayed their welcome. Read More >>

How to Hide the Galaxy S10’s Hole Punch Camera

Hole punch cameras (or as we like to call them, doughnut phones – 'cause they've got a hole) are almost as divisive as the infamous notch. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Galaxy Buds Almost Give AirPods a Run for Their Money

Everybody loves to compare the new Samsung Galaxy Buds to Apple’s AirPods. It’s pretty obvious. Samsung and Apple make popular phones, and now both companies have truly wireless earbuds to pair with them. I’ve spent two weeks with the $130 Galaxy Buds. They’re frankly pretty awesome. But are they better than AirPods? That depends on who’s using them. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Cheaper, Smaller, Just Right

It wasn’t long ago when premium smartphones cost around £700. But after suffering through several release cycles littered with £1,000 flagships, it’s clear those days aren’t coming back. To fill in the gap, phone makers have started putting out streamlined, slightly more affordable versions of the flagship devices, typically with a handful of more luxurious features removed to help lower the price. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is Out Today — and It’s Broken Preorder Records

The Galaxy Fold might have stolen all the headlines, but it seems plenty of people were excited enough about the Galaxy S10 to press the preorder button: the phone comes out today, and it's had more preorders than any other Samsung phone in the UK, ever. Read More >>

Inward-Folding Foldables are Better than Outward-Folding Foldables, Says Samsung

Despite there being lots of foldable phones on the way from various brands, Samsung and Huawei are the biggest names in foldables right now. And it seems the two companies are squaring up for a fold-off. Read More >>

Samsung’s All-Wireless TV Concept Is the Real Cordcutting Solution I Want

There are a few ways to hide or camouflage the bundle of cables that hang from most wall-mounted TVs—power, HDMI, etc.—but none are as truly invisible as the wireless technology that was recently revealed in a patent Samsung filed with the World Intellectual Property Office in March of last year. It eliminates cables altogether using a variation of the wireless power technology that currently allows you to charge your phone without a cable. Read More >>

Samsung Has Two More Foldable Phones on the Way

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been divisive since its launch last month, with some people finding it a smart solution to the folding challenge and others bemoaning its large front bezels and small primary screen. Read More >>

The Durable Glass Bendy Phones Need Could Be Years Away

I’ve loved the idea of folding gadgets ever since Arthur C. Clarke talked about flexible “SoftScreens” in books like, The Light of Other Days. A device that can be folded and crumpled without breaking? That’s my idea of the perfect gadget, and while the bendy Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X seem like they bring us one step closer to that, in reality, the first batch of folding phones are going to be even more fragile than the smartphone you carry now—at least until a few other crucial technologies catch up. Read More >>

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The 90s Version of Me Would Have Loved This Imaginary 90s Version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Before the iPhone came along, it was not uncommon for me to upgrade my mobile phone every few months. It was an addiction, I’ll fully admit it, but it was also a fun time when mobile phones didn’t all look like a feature-less slab of glass. Companies tried every hardware gimmick imaginable to make their devices stand out, and as the folks at Squirrel Monkey imagined, a ‘90s version of the Samsung Fold would have been a must-have upgrade. Read More >>

Samsung Adds Screen Protectors to All Galaxy S10 Phones After Issues

One of the first questions everyone asks when a new phone is announced is "how breakable is it going to be?", and while it's a bigger issue for Samsung's bendy Galaxy Fold than its S10 line, people still want to know how smashy a new phone is before spending their money. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Will be Limited Edition, Have its Own Luxury Launch

We didn't get to see as much of the Samsung Galaxy Fold as we would have liked at the S10 launch, although Samsung did surprise us by opening the event with a detailed introduction to the device. It's just that they then went onto all the other products, and there were no Folds available to actually touch or try out. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Samsung’s Doing Everything It Can to Make the Galaxy Fold’s Crease Invisible

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold flexible smartphone-slash-tablet isn’t without tradeoffs. For one, it might be way thicker when folded than virtually any other modern smartphone – potentially as thick as a Nintendo Switch – while the way it folds is pretty awkward. And like its competitor the Huawei Mate X, it has a big old crease running right through the middle of its foldable display. Read More >>