Report: The FBI Will Be Able to Use the San Bernardino Hack Again

Ever since the FBI opted for plan B and resorted to using the services of some third party to gain access to the San Bernardino iPhone, speculation has been rife about whether the hack could be used again. A new report suggests it can — but only on the same model of phone. Read More >>

Report: The FBI Paid Some Dodgy Hackers to Unlock the San Bernardino Phone

I was kind of tired of the FBI vs. Apple story, but now it has a secret collective of morally ambiguous hackers, and I’m into it again. Read More >>

Apple Says the San Bernardino iPhone Case ‘Should Never Have Been Brought’

The FBI has successfully hacked the iPhone connected to the San Bernardino massacre, the US Department of Justice has dropped its case against Apple, so all should be well in the world. Not so: Apple would like the last word. Read More >>

The US Government Didn’t Need Apple’s Help Unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone After All

FBI vs. Apple is over. At least round one, anyway. The US government has confirmed that it was able to get the data off the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook without Apple, and it is dropping the lawsuit compelling Apple to write security-weakening malware. Read More >>

Four Theories About How the FBI is Cracking the San Bernadino Shooter’s iPhone

An anticipated courtroom showdown between Apple and the FBI was scheduled for yesterday, but that’s was rescheduled for April 5th. The hearing was postponed following an FBI court filing claiming a “third party” had shown the government an alternate method to unlock the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone, one that doesn’t require Apple’s assistance. Read More >>

US Responds to Apple: Stop Being a Baby

The US Department of Justice just responded to Apple in the ongoing court battle over what Apple must do to help the FBI unlock an iPhone—and the response is a 43-page document with an argument that can be summarised as “Apple is being a baby.” Read More >>

This Argument for Why Apple Needs to Help the FBI Is Straight-Up Insane 

The district attorney of San Bernardino has an, um, unusual take on why Apple should assist the FBI by creating software to help unlock a suspect’s iPhone: if Apple doesn’t, argues Michael Ramos, the county may never know if it is threatened by a “dormant cyber pathogen”. Read More >>

Justice Department Forcing Apple to Unlock ‘About 12 Other iPhones’ Says WSJ

The unlocking of the San Bernardino iPhone may just be the tip of the iceberg. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department is currently trying to have Apple extract data from “about a dozen” iPhones around the country. Read More >>

San Bernardino County Calls the FBI Liars Over Terrorist’s iCloud Account

Late last night a Twitter account associated with San Bernardino County said that it worked the direction of the FBI to reset Syed Farook’s iCloud password. Why does that matter? Because it would make the FBI liars. Read More >>

Apple Says This Mess Could’ve Been Avoided If the US Government Hadn’t Fucked Up 

On Friday evening, Apple invited at least two batches of reporters to separate conference calls. (There were rules*.) This was just hours after the US Justice Department filed a motion for a court order that would compel Apple to assist the FBI, framing the company’s refusal to cooperate as a PR stunt. Read More >>

The US Government Says Apple’s Stand Against the FBI Is Just a PR Stunt

The US Department of Justice has filed for a court order to compel Apple to assist it in unlocking the phone that belonged to one of the dead San Bernardino shooters. “Apple is not above the law,” it reads. Read More >>

Bad Boy John McAfee Says He’ll Break Into the Pesky FBI iPhone to Protect Encryption

Rather than posting a dull message about having Apple’s back and sitting back smugly as the people love pours in, maverick John McAfee has offered to step forward and break the encryption on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone for free. He reckons his team could get the job done in around three weeks, and says he hopes the move would ensure that Apple wouldn’t be forced to build a ‘back door’ into its products. The publicity wouldn’t be bad either. Read More >>

Why You Should Care About Apple’s Fight With the FBI

The FBI wants Apple’s help to investigate a terrorist attack. Apple says providing this help is the real danger. With the help of an 18th century law and a recent court judgement, this situation just became the boiling point in the battle between tech companies and the government. And what happens will affect anyone who uses a smartphone, including you. Read More >>

The Coldest of the Cold Cases: Using DNA to Identify Century-Old Remains

In a dusty, seemingly empty field 60 miles east of L.A., Dr. Alexis Gray, a forensic anthropologist from the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, points to a chain-link fence far in the distance, the mountains rising beyond in the hazy heat. "There are 7,000 people between us and that next fence there," she says. For almost a decade, her job has been to confirm the identification of every single one of them. Read More >>