Bird Box is the First Great Monster Movie About This Poisonous Invention

Have you watched the new Netflix movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock yet? It’s been divisive, with some people saying they love it and other people claiming that they hate it. But I absolutely loved it, and I have a theory about one of the most difficult questions of the entire movie: What are the monsters, exactly? Read More >>

Every Webpage From the 1995 Movie The Net

To say the 1995 movie The Net is a classic would be…an overstatement. The Irwin Winkler film starring Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, and Dennis Miller didn't have the best reception when it came out, and over time it's gotten a reputation as a very schlocky paranoid thriller (in reality, it's probably become more realistic as the net's reach has expanded). Read More >>

This Official Gravity Spin-Off Film Reveals Who Was on the Other End of Sandra Bullock’s Space Call

In space, no-one can hear you scream, but Sandra Bullock's cries in top-notch sci-fi flick Gravity don't fall entirely on deaf ears. A new short companion-piece film to go along with Alfonso Cuarón's movie has been released, giving some insight into what was going on back on Earth. Keep in mind, some mild spoilers follow, so you've been warned. Read More >>