Then They Came for the Little Plastic Windows on Sandwich Packaging

The little plastic window on the sandwich pack that reassures you the person in the factory remembered to put the ingredients in is the latest target in the war on all things plastic, as the government is said to be planning a 15p levy on food manufacturers that sell sandwiches in hybrid cardboard/plastic packaging in order to close the little plastic windows – PERMANENTLY. Read More >>

Heinz Wants Some Attention

Heinz salad cream, which if memory serves tastes a bit like mayonnaise but maybe tangier or sweeter or something, could be in for a rebrand. It probably isn't, though, as Heinz's potential renaming of "salad cream" to "sandwich cream" is surely the result of a meeting where they came up with ideas on how to promote salad cream for free and get salad cream in the news. Read More >>

Scientists Carbon-Shame Your Meat Sandwich

Researchers at the University of Manchester have some more bad news for you and that soggy assembly of low-grade meats you're about to consume -- it's bad for the environment as well as your insides. Read More >>

13 Different Ways to Make tasty Sandwiches From Around the World

Sandwiches are the reason why happiness is possible. Why being optimistic pays off. Why lending a helping hand is worth it. Because if you’re a good person who does more good things than bad things, your faith in life is reaffirmed when you bite into a sandwich. Every sandwich is basically paying it forward. Here are 13 wild sandwiches from all over the world, I don’t even recognize some of these. Read More >>

Packed Lunch Fury Triggers £375k Court Case for Arsenal

A row over sandwich eating and bread slicing inside corporate boxes at Arsenal football club has led to a huge legal battle for money, after some sort of catering affront created acrimony between the club and a large business customer. Read More >>

What’s Your Favourite High Street Christmas Sandwich?

We've had the mince pie round up, now it's time to ironically judge the many forms of Christmas sandwiches out there, as the likes of Greggs, Pret and Waitrose compete to add a bit of cheer to the inherently depressing pre-packaged sandwich market. Read More >>

Greggs Customers Furious Over Management’s “Personalised Sauce Option” Ketchup Ban

Pastry and sandwich chain Greggs has apparently banned staff from adding brown sauce and ketchup to lunchtime sandwiches sold to customers, in a move that's either all about reducing serving time, saving money or annoying people, depending on who you listen to. Read More >>

This Aluminium Lunch Box Comes With Its Own Cutting Board Lid

When lunchtime rolls around during the work week, you’ve got a handful of options that usually boil down to two: Head out to one of the food-slingin’ establishments within walking distance, or reach into your bag to eat whatever it is you packed yourself to chow down on that afternoon. Read More >>

Two Stone of Sliced Meat Await in the World’s Meatiest Sandwich

This is apparently the world's meatiest sandwich, and with around two stone of sliced animal parts inside a bun some 24 inches wide, we're not in any position to disagree with that claim. Read More >>