Robot Santas, Ranked

As traditionally depicted, Santa Claus is a kind of cult leader who runs an enormous factory using slave labor and stolen IP to churn out knockoffs of the latest products. He’s basically Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, and Jeff Bezos rolled into one. Which is to say, he should be regulated or put in prison. Read More >>

That Story About a Boy Dying In Santa’s Arms Is Totally Fake

Did you see that story about a 5-year-old boy and his dying wish to see Santa Claus? Of course you did. The heartbreaking tale has been seen and heard by millions of people around the world. It went viral earlier this week when it was retold by virtually every major news outlet. The only problem? It’s almost certainly fake. Read More >>

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Santa Claus is Coming to …*Splat*

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He didn’t see that parked car though so you’re probably off the hook. Read More >>

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This Animation Pokes Fun at the Silliness of Santa Claus

Christmas is great, but it’s still pretty funny that we all propagate the myth of Santa Claus. He’s a dude who dresses in a red jumpsuit while breaking into homes to steal cookies and gain favour with children. Eoin Duffy made this animated holiday card showing what Santa Claus would be like in real life. Ho ho ho! Read More >>

A Girl Wrote to JFK Asking if the Soviets Were Going to Nuke Santa Claus

In 1961 an eight-year-old girl from Michigan wrote to President John F Kennedy. She wanted to know if the Russians were going to bomb the North Pole. JFK responded with the letter below, assuring her that Santa would be just fine. Read More >>

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Ruin Christmas Early With Scientifically Accurate Santa

What's that you say? Santa's existence is actually impossible? Sure you may have heard some of these facts stated before, but never this musically—or with this much absurd animation. Read More >>

That Samsung Sex Tape Ad Is Way Creepier When It’s Santa

We all remember that time Samsung made a Galaxy S III ad that promoted the healthy exchange of sex tapes between mature adults, right? Like all good things, it's received its mandatory Christmas tie-in. One that manages to ruin your childhood. Read More >>