Fostering Belief in Santa is Lying to Children and Bad, Say Psychologists

If you're in the habit of letting a fictional man take credit for all the stuff you paid for for your children each December, here's some great news -- encouraging children to believe in Father Christmas might be the wrong thing to do, as you're teaching them that telling lies, even nice ones about presents, is acceptable behaviour. Read More >>

Lightning Storm Kills Hundreds of Reindeer in One Fell Swoop

It’s a scene straight out of Santa’s worst nightmare: A lightning strike killed more than 300 reindeer at a park in southern Norway on Friday. Read More >>

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Watch This Supercut of Santas Behaving Badly

Being Santa can be hard work — all that ho-ho-hoing and bouncing kids on your knee really takes its toll. So much easier to just be a drunken bearded degenerate instead. Read More >>

Designer Postcards Turn Santa Into a Fashion Whore

British ad agency Joint London made these postcards swapping the traditional Santa Claus in Coca-Cola's iconic Christmas illustration for real top fashion designers' clothes. If you feel fashionably stupid or stupidly fashionable these holidays, you can download the postcards here. Read More >>

This Year, Google’s Santa Tracker Gets Kids to Code

Santa Claus is under surveillance: Google is helping children of all ages to to keep tabs on the portly gift giver, giving them some new technical skills along the way. Read More >>

Show Us Your Crazy Christmas Decorations

Every year, my parents' street goes all-out for Christmas. We're talking, trees wrapped in lights from trunk to top, teams of reindeer on display, and even a house with giant, moving jack-in-the-box effigies of every family member moving in sync with carols. Have you seen similar stuff? We want to see it. Read More >>

Milton Keynes Non-Profit Saves Christmas from “Poundland Santa” Shame

The local ice rink in Milton Keynes has stepped in to save Christmas for disappointed children and their angry parents, after a separate local "Winter Wonderland" event was savaged as a rip-off by visitors and forced to close after just two days. Read More >>

Watch This Beautiful Woman in a Bikini Turn Into Santa in This Reverse Photoshop

Well played. Ad agency Victors & Spoils poked fun of mass media's tendency to turn normal humans into plastic Barbie and Ken dolls through their abuse of Photoshop by, well, using Photoshop in reverse. That is, they took a viral photo of a girl in a bikini that had been heavily altered and added more alterations to the original alterations to transform the skinny Barbie into a fat Santa Claus. The power of Photoshop swings both ways. Read More >>

This £4,000 Santa Stakeout Kit Means Father Christmas is Going Down

Murderer. Slave owner. Celebrated philanderer. These are the words that should come to mind when considering a one Mr. Nicholas "Santa" Claus. Just because you can see through that drunk jolly facade, though, doesn't mean the rest of the world can. So it's time to take matters into your own hands. Fortunately, OpticsPlanet has put together a state-of-the-art, high-tech Santa Stakeout Kit for all your hardcore Santa-hunting needs. The guy never stood a chance. Read More >>

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Santa Claus Flies F-16s On His Spare Time

Screw Rudolph, the reindeers and that stupid red flying sled. At the Hill Air Force Base, in Utah, Santa Claus actually arrives on a goddamn F-16. Read More >>

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Hipster Santa Keeps His List In the Cloud

Face it, Santa is pretty antiquated. I mean, what kind of crazy elf-powered factory must he have up there in the North pole in order to be churning out iPhones and laptops and Wii Us? Ridiculous as it is, you don't want him to get hip, because he'd turn into this. He'd keep his list in the cloud. He'd order all his gifts on Amazon Prime like the rest of us. God only knows what he'd do with Snapchat. Maybe some things are best left outdated. [Reddit] Read More >>

New Tech War Kicks Off as Google Enters Santa Tracking Market

Following the shock news of NORAD ditching Google's mapping tools and embracing Bing to power its Santa tracking site, we now have a new in-house Google option to keep track of whose mince pies Father Christmas is currently wolfing down. Read More >>