Santander has Commissioned an ‘Invisible Cinema’ to Teach the Youth About Fraud

You know the drill. You go to the cinema, sit down, then cringe because you forgot they always show half an hour of adverts before the film starts. So while you munch down on your popcorn you have to listen to the cinema try and flog products and services you don't care about, before a range of trailers you already saw online a month ago. Well there may be a reason to pay attention in future, because Santander have developed an 'invisible' trailer that can only be seen through a pair of special glasses. Read More >>

Couple to do Land’s End to John o’ Groats on Boris Bikes

A man has had what he thinks is a romantic idea. He's taking his wife on an anniversary bike ride, all the way down the length of the entire country, on really heavy bikes with only three gears. We are no relationship experts, but we suspect there will be tears at some point in the midlands. Read More >>

Stay Away From Santander ATMs, Warn Lancashire Police

Lancashire and Cheshire police have taken the extreme step of warning the public not to use an entire bank's network of cash machines at the moment, suggesting that the money-giving terminals of Santander may have been compromised in some way and suggesting locals revert to bartering possessions and sexual favours to pay for services in the short term. Read More >>

TfL’s Using Green Laser Beams to Make London’s Boris Bikes Safer

London’s entire fleet of Boris bikes -- you know, those bulky, Santander-emblazoned two-wheelers that looked better in the Barclays colour scheme -- is to be fitted with green laser lights, in order to help keep riders safe on the streets. Created by Blaze, the special lights beam a green cyclist symbol onto the road six metres in front of riders, making cyclists visible to pedestrians and drivers. Read More >>