North Greenwich Tube Station is Getting a New Name

The tube station by The O2 arena is being renamed in 2020, but not to acknowledge that it's the best place to disembark if you're going to see One Direction live. It's being named after a ridiculously fancypants new billion-pound building springing up next door. Read More >>

Look Inside the Most Expensive Train Station Ever Built With This 360-Degree Video

The steel ribs arching over New York City’s newest transit station have already become a familiar sight for the city’s residents and tourists. Now, after seven years of delays, the striking new World Trade Center Transportation Hub will finally open this month in Lower Manhattan. Read More >>

Someone Snuck Into NYC’s £2.6 Billion Train Station and Took These Pics

Picture £2.6 billion worth of cash stacked up in the shape of a train station. This is pretty much what the World Trade Center Transportation Hub looks like. Except more surreal. You'd also maybe need to throw in a whole bunch of screw ups and missed deadlines, because this alien cathedral of a train station is one expensive mess. Read More >>

Graphene Could Save One of the World’s Coolest Buildings

Architect Santiago Calatrava has had a tough year. He's being sued by many, many clients—including his hometown, where an opera house he built is now in shambles. Now, a company selling graphene paint wants to save it. Read More >>