São Paulo is Running So Low on Water People Might Be ‘Warned to Flee’

São Paulo is Brazil's largest and wealthiest city, a bustling mega-metropolis of 11 million people. Now imagine the city going for days without water for drinking, bathing or cleaning – it's a dystopian scenario not far from São Paulo's reality thanks to a water crisis made worse by drought. Read More >>

Watch L.A., Paris, and São Paulo Grow in These Pretty Visualisations

Paris is a bloodshot eyeball, São Paulo spreads out like a watercolour, and L.A. is a glorious mess. You can see how three very different metropolises expand and sprawl in these gorgeous animations produced as part of NYU's Stern Urbanisation Project, examining the growth of cities. Read More >>

Watch a Designer Turn Drink Cans Into Chairs on a São Paulo Street

It's one thing to make a product using aluminium or plastic recycled at a plant. But recycling cans into chairs, on the same street they were found, is something else. That's exactly what the resourceful designers at Studio Swine did on a recent to São Paulo. Read More >>