John Lewis is Ditching Sat Navs, Because Everyone Just Uses Their Phones Now

There are lots of gadgets the smartphone has usurped over the past decade, including the video camera, the watch, the torch, and so on. You can add another gizmo to that list, though, because John Lewis has announced its going to stop selling dedicated sat nav systems. You know, because everyone uses apps for that now. Read More >>

TomTom Via 52 Sat Nav Review: Please Make a U-Turn Where Possible

Sat navs are a dying breed. With smartphones now capable of running Google Maps, and most new cars offering integrated systems, less and less people are buying dedicated navigation devices. Read More >>

A Blu-ray Disc Player on Your Car’s GPS is Probably Not a Good Idea

There's just one thing that could make your drive to work less agonising when the GPS is telling you there's no way around the endless traffic: access to your Blu-ray discs. Or at least that's the scenario Panasonic is envisioning now that it's including Blu-ray players on its satellite navigation units. Read More >>