Scientists ‘Teleport’ a Particle Hundreds of Miles–But What Does That Mean?

Humanity is advancing rapidly towards a place where the news sounds an awful lot like science fiction. In fact, yesterday, Chinese scientists reported that they “teleported” a photon over hundreds of miles using a “quantum satellite.” But this isn’t Star Trek. It’s the real world. Read More >>

Small Satellites Could Be Playing a Dangerous Game of Bumper Cars in Space

Space is full of all sorts of junk that can cause problems, including some of the stuff we send up there with good intentions. Take CubeSats. These nanosatellites, which weigh less than three pounds, were first sent into space in December 2006, and have become increasingly popular in the years since as a cost-effective option for telecommunications companies looking to spread wifi and brand recognition. The thing is, there are so many of them now that experts are concerned about them bashing into each other—or worse. Read More >>

The Most Advanced Weather Satellite Has a Mind-Blowing Lightning Mapper

NOAA and NASA’s lovechild-slash-weather satellite, GOES-16, has been serving up some of the best images of Earth since it launched in November 2016. The satellite, which can take high quality images of Earth every 15 minutes, will be enormously helpful to meteorologists trying to predict extreme weather, which many climate scientists fear will increasingly become status quo. Read More >>

Sky TV Customers Are About To Lose 13 Channels

If you're a Sky or NowTV customer, you might want to get your phone ready to make some disgruntled calls: come 1st February, it's very likely that all channels owned by Discovery Communications are going to be axed from your package. Read More >>

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Sky TV Has Got You Some Virtual Box Sets for Christmas

Sky would like people with subscriptions to its TV services to think they're about to get something for nothing this Christmas, as an array of its box set content will be made available for everyone to stream endlessly from Christmas Eve. Read More >>

We Finally Know What Happened to Japan’s Lost Black Hole Satellite

After a full month spinning out of control in space, Japan’s Space Agency has finally figured out how it lost control of Hitomi, a very expensive satellite that was hunting for black holes. This also means the agency will never get it back. Read More >>

NASA Just Recovered Its Drifting Kepler Spacecraft

After an inexplicable shift into Emergency Mode, NASA managed to partially recover its planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft. But we still don’t know what caused it to freak out in the first place. Read More >>

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This Satellite Antenna Looks Good Enough to Hang on a Wall as Art

It may look like an artistic experiment in geometry that you could find on Etsy, but this is in fact a new satellite antenna developed by the European Space Agency. Read More >>

UK Government Says Everyone Now Has 2Mb Broadband Guarantee*

Even though not everyone has 2Mb broadband, the government is saying we do. Or should, at least. The Department for Culture, Media & Sport made the claim in a festive announcement, revealing that its 2MB minimum service guarantee is now live across the UK, so everyone ought to be getting enough internet for low-res iPlayer. Read More >>

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ESA Celebrates 50 Years Since First French Satellite Launch

European Space History, a project from the European Space Agency (ESA), has just posted this film-poster-looking, orange and blue launch photo of a historic space event that took place on November 26th, 1965. Read More >>

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The Aftermath of a Snowstorm Scanned by a Satellite 

Sure, satellites can track storms and precipitation–but they can also measure snowfall on the ground. Read More >>

These Stunning Geometric Patterns Were Created From Google Earth Images

Satellite images of our world are incredible on their own. But artist Federico Winer has taken aerial photography to a new level by portraying planet Earth as a mesmerising kaleidoscope of geometric patterns and colours. Read More >>

Sky+ Update Brings a Simple But Brilliant Tweak to the Planner

Remember that old glossy rectangle in the corner of the living room that used to bring you so much joy as a child? Sky's having another go at making it as much fun as staring at your telephone, adding loads of new options to the Sky+ box software and reworking the immense schedules of the Planner to make finding the Julia Bradbury episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me less of a chore. Read More >>