The Orbital Clutter Expands: SpaceX RivaI OneWeb Launches 34 Satellites

OneWeb, a UK-based telecommunications firm, has launched 34 satellites into space. These satellites will join an internet constellation that could soon consist of 648 satellites, in a system that will rival Elon Musk’s Starlink. We’ve officially entered into a new race for space – one that threatens astronomy and the safety of low Earth orbit itself. Read More >>

America’s Plan to Pepper Space With Surveillance Satellites Is Taking Shape

New details have emerged about the US Pentagon’s ambitious plan to build seven different defence constellations, the first of which will include hundreds of surveillance satellites that are expected to attain full global coverage in just six years. Read More >>

Latest Starlink Launch Makes SpaceX the Largest Commercial Satellite Operator in the World

The successful launch of 60 new Starlink satellites means SpaceX now operates more commercial satellites than any other company in the world. It’s a major milestone for the Elon Musk-led company, which still needs to show it’s capable of responsibly managing its burgeoning megaconstellation. Read More >>

Satellite Images Show the Shocking Extent of Australia Bushfire Smoke

The bushfire crisis isn’t limited to Australia – it’s coming for the entire Southern Hemisphere atmosphere, too. Read More >>

Starlink Satellites Produce Wave of UFO Sightings in the US

Residents in northern Montana, US, reported a string of strange lights dotting the sky. What looked like UFOs from an alien invasion has turned out to be another consequence of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite constellation. Read More >>

China Set to Launch Its GPS Competitor Next Year

China is close to launching the last two satellites that will complete BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System – the nation’s rival to the United States’ Global Positioning System. Read More >>

Apple’s Secret Satellites Could Mean Trouble for ISPs

It’s no surprise that Apple has secret teams working on secret projects. Over the years, we’ve heard of Apple Cars, Apple AR Headsets – you name it. Now, a Bloomberg report says the latest “secret” team is working on satellites that could potentially beam data to devices sometime in the next five years. Read More >>

Elon Musk on His Space Internet: ‘Whoa, It Worked’

It’ll require a few more years – and thousands of more satellites – before SpaceX’s Starlink internet constellation achieves full functionality, but that didn’t stop Elon Musk from participating in an early test of the system, which apparently worked. Read More >>

LightSail 2, Pushed by Sunlight, Raises Its Orbit by 10,500 Feet in Just Two Weeks

Two weeks after entering solar sailing mode, the Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 spacecraft has managed to raise its orbit by nearly 2 miles, in an important test of this promising new means of propulsion. Read More >>

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This Satellite Image Shows Everything Wrong With Greenland Right Now

If you could sum up climate change’s impact on the Arctic in one image, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than this satellite view, which shows the meltdown of one of the largest stores of ice on Earth while a wildfire rages in the distance. Read More >>

Virgin Orbit Carries Out Its First Successful Rocket Drop Test From Modified Boeing 747

Virgin Orbit, the sister company of spaceflight company Virgin Galactic, nailed its first-ever drop test on Wednesday using a dummy LauncherOne rocket deployed from a Boeing 747 carrier named Cosmic Girl, reported. Read More >>

Keeping Up With SpaceX, Amazon Seeks to Launch More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

In its attempt to keep pace with SpaceX and other competitors, Amazon is seeking FCC approval to put 3,236 interconnected broadband satellites into orbit. Read More >>

Eclipsecane! Solar Eclipse Photobombs Hurricane in Stunning Satellite Shots

Earth had itself a day on Tuesday. Chile and Argentina got a prime look at a total solar eclipse while the Pacific Ocean played host to Hurricane Barbara, the strong storm on Earth at the moment. Read More >>

Satellite Constellations Like SpaceX’s Starlink Could Cause Major Problems, Astronomy Group Warns

Members of the American Astronomical Society are speaking out about the potential for large satellite constellations, such as SpaceX’s Starlink network, to interfere with scientific observations of space. In a statement issued this week, the AAS said we need to re-think this technology before it’s too late. Read More >>