IFA 2018
For Some Reason, TomTom Has Made a New Satnav

I thought satnavs were a thing of the past, in this age of mobile phones and Google Maps, but apparently not. TomTom has just announced a brand new device called the TomTom GO Essential. I'm not sure exactly what makes it 'essential', but here we are. Read More >>

Some TomTom SatNavs Won’t be Getting Any More Updates

It's no secret that our technology has been advancing at incredible rates over the past few decades, but the downside to that is that sometimes our gadgets end up virtually obsolete before the end of their operational lifespan, Just because of the simple fact that the hardware is too old to support newer software. A number of TomTom SatNavs are the latest victims of that trend. Read More >>

Doing What the Satnav Says is Being Added to the Driving Test

The DVSA is tweaking the format of the driving test to better suit modern times, with the refreshed exam format about to feature a section on following the directions of your in-car GPS navigation machine. The driving instructors of the country are sighing so hard even the back windscreen has steamed up. Read More >>

Garmin’s Fēnix 5 Squeezes Satellite Navigation Into a Slim Fitness-Tracking Smartwatch

At CES 2015, Garmin revealed the epix: the company’s first wearable that included the same satellite navigation capabilities as its handheld units. As smartwatches go, the epix was one of the largest and bulkiest wearables you could strap to your wrist, but two years later, Garmin has finally packed similar functionality into its Fēnix smartwatch. Read More >>

Rumour: Google’s Android M Built to go Straight into Car Dashboards

Google would appear to be preparing to take its Android Auto ambitions to the next stage, with a report claiming next year's big Android release will be designed in part to run inside car dashboards without needing a companion smartphone. Read More >>

google glass
Google Seeks UK Approval for Drivers to Wear Glass in Cars

It appears Google's gearing up to launch Google Glass in the UK at some point, with reports suggesting it's been chatting with our government's Department for Transport about handling the legalities of being spotted wearing Glass while driving on the road. Read More >>

Apple’s Car Dash Sync Tools May Appear in iOS 7.1

Apple might be about ready to integrate itself with the dashboards of the car makers of the world, with code and references to a "Car Display" option inside the latest beta release of iOS 7.1 suggesting that an iOS 7 dash control feature is being prepared for launch. Read More >>

Taxi Drivers May Face Satnav Ban Because They Ought to Bloody Know Where They’re Going

Taxi drivers in Bath might be about to lose their right to have a GPS device tell them where to go, as local councillors argue that part of the job of a driver is to have a full knowledge of their host city and that satnavs also reduce visibility and distract drivers. Read More >>

999 Emergency Response Driver Sacked for Getting There Too Quickly

Godfrey Smith's job used to be that of a "first responder" emergency services driver, tasked with attending call-outs when people dial 999 in need of help. But he's not any more, after being sacked for doing 33mph in a 20mph zone while on his way to help a man who'd collapsed. Read More >>

Five of the Best-of-British Sat Nav Voices Going

With in-car sat navs these days, we forget the dangers of rummaging through a ripped and soiled A-to-Z with one hand, while changing lanes with the other. These days Britain's drivers can choose to be guided through life's twists and roundabouts by their favourite celebrities and fictional characters. Read More >>

TomTom Navigation for Android is Released (With a Slight Hitch)

Looks like TomTom has delivered on its October promise for the company's Navigation app for Android, which features offline driving directions, 2D/3D views, voice guidance and updates for the lifetime of the software. Sounds spiffy, but there might be a slight catch. You might not be able to even use the app at all. Read More >>

Navigate The Streets With TomTom’s New Android Navigation App

So you have an Android device, and Google Maps isn't quite cutting it? Not up to your standard, eh? Well, check it out, the GPS dudes over at TomTom have devised a new navigation for Android, and it's available to check out at IFA today! Read More >>

Royal Mail Might Earn Those Enormous Price Increases by Making GPS Better

The Royal Mail is putting its fleet of vans and people to work in a clever new way, using the daily rounds of its crews in East Anglia to augment existing GPS data and add super-accurate details of every property to a new database of addresses. Read More >>

Satnavs Make us Crappier, Less Safe Drivers

Simple satnav instructions like "turn left" and "carry on, you're doing very well" are easy enough for us to comprehend while driving, but anything more complex and we lose focus, start to swerve around the road and our little brains simply can't cope with the flood of data. Read More >>

GPS Chips That Work Indoors Will Mean You’ll Never Lose Your Nan Again (Unfortunately)

GPS navigation has made us all lazy mongrels when it comes to hitting the road, meaning we never, ever, have to faff around with a paper map ever again. And even pirates sailing the seven seas get some of that navigation love too. So when it comes to getting your shopping done, why not have a navigation system for that too? Read More >>