All These Extremely Powerful People May Want to Double Check They Weren’t Hacked by a Saudi Prince

In early 2018, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman took a sweeping tour of the U.S. as part of a strategy to rebrand Saudi Arabia’s ruling monarchy as a modernising force and pull off his “Vision 2030” plan – hobnobbing with a list of corporate execs and politicians that reads like a who’s who list of the U.S. elite. The trip was so heavily promoted by the Saudis that 200,000 copies of a suspiciously pro-prince magazine hit U.S. newsstands. Read More >>

Microsoft to Lay Off 2,850 People

In 2015, Microsoft laid off 7,800 people. This May, Microsoft announced it would lay off another 1,850 employees, mostly people who worked for Nokia, which Microsoft acquired in 2013. Read More >>

Satya Nadella Has Come Up With His Own AI Safety Rules

One side effect of talking about the risk of killer robots so much is that everyone is now rushing to assure us exactly how they would prevent this. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the latest to reassure us, in an extremely vague way. Read More >>

Microsoft Doesn’t Want to Make Smartphones Anymore

Near the end of his 14-year-long run, Microsoft’s head honcho, Steve Ballmer, did a not-so-great thing in buying the Nokia phone business. We know this was not-so-great because yesterday Microsoft admitted it by writing off that entire $7 billion purchase and making 7,800 people redundant, most of whom work directly on Microsoft phones. Read More >>

What Microsoft’s New CEO Means for You

Ballmer's out, Satya Nadella is in. The search for Microsoft's third CEO is over. Thousands of people have a brand new boss, but what does that mean for you? Read More >>

Microsoft’s New CEO is Cloud Guru Satya Nadella

As had been widely rumoured and expected, Microsoft's new CEO is Satya Nadella. He previously headed up the company's Cloud and Enterprise group. The change is effective as of today. Read More >>