Old People Value Money Less Than The Young, Despite Hoarding It All

Less than 10% of over-60s say they think money is the key to a happy life, which is no doubt vexing to the quarter of young adults who said the same – since the former has all of it. Read More >>

British Broadband Stubbornness Costs Us £322 A Year

There are many upsides to bring a stubborn Brit: getting a seat on the bus, feeling like you bested someone in a battle of wits, never having to change. But it seems being stuck in our ways is costing us, at least in terms of bills. Read More >>

HSBC App Wants to Force You to Save Money

Banking giant HSBC has come up with a great way you might be able to afford a flat all of your own by the time you're 70 -- automating the saving process by sending a few pence or pounds off from your current account regularly, or by taking micro-savings payments whenever you're caught shopping for things you don't need. Read More >>

Police Given 41,000 BlackBerrys in Money Saving Scheme. No Money Saved

A seemingly well-intentioned plan by the government to sped £71m on equipping police forces with 41,000 BlackBerry phones to save money has flopped, with the scheme saving some £600,000 in the end. It was supposed to save a whopping £125m. Read More >>