More Like Saw-muel L. Jackson, Right?

Chris Rock conceptualised, is producing, and is starring in the ninth Saw movie, which just began production. And guess who was just cast to play his father? That’s right, the baddest MFer on the planet, Samuel L. Jackson. Read More >>

Chris Rock Is Rebooting Saw…Yes, That Chris Rock and Yes, That Saw

Legendary comedian Chris Rock is teaming up with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to reboot the Saw franchise. Which we realise is a ridiculous jumbling of words but, we assure you, it’s true. Read More >>

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Watch a Circular Saw Blade Get Transformed Into a Two Handle Straight Drawknife

As always, John Heisz can transform old, rusty blades into lovely works of art. This time, he turns a circular saw blade into a drawknife. Read More >>

Man Saws Off Own Foot to Avoid Going to Work

Sounds like somebody had a case of the Mondays. Reuters reports that an unemployed Austrian man was so dead-set against returning to work he lopped off his left foot. Read More >>