Leaks Say Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Can’t Handle Glasses, Sunlight or Your Puffy Face

Supposed technical specifications for the eye scanner that Samsung's assumed to be sticking in its latest Note phablet have appeared, confirming the device's existence -- but also coming with a large list of disclaimers about how and when it won't actually work. Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Finger is Being Used to Unlock a Phone and Solve a Murder Case

A team at the Michigan State University is investigating a really quite novel way of solving a murder case while also battling today's fingerprint-based phone security systems -- 3D printing a version of the victim's finger to unlock a mobile. Read More >>

Barclays Goes Biometric to Help Keep Your Shameful Overdraft Details Secret

That businessman there is conducting his business fractions of a second faster than his competitors, thanks to the Barclays Biometric Reader; a finger scanner that does away with the need for PINs and passwords and trying to remember what your safe word is when logging in to your banking site. Read More >>

Creepy Portraits of People Taken by a Desktop Scanner

German artist Till Koeeneker created these full-size portraits of her closest friends and family members with an ordinary desktop scanner. Each one of these scanner portraits gets up close and personal, capturing every wrinkle and stray hair. Read More >>

Rumour: HTC’s One Max Might Have a Fingerprint Scanner

Leaked images of HTC's rumoured new One Max smartphone appear to show a fingerprint scanner nestled amongst its hardware, a la iPhone 5S. The pictures, which turned up on Chinese social network Sina Weibo, show the monstrous phone with its back removed, where a fingerprint scanner sits between SIM slot and camera. Read More >>

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Scanning Fast Food Makes It Look Even Worse

This isn't exactly a news flash but hey, fast food isn't good for you. Though sometimes that burger or that hot dog might look appetizing in your head, it never looks like that in real life. Jon Feinstein's photography series about fast food takes the common items we know and love and uses a scanner to create images of them. The results are haunting, soul less and almost depressing. This is the food we enjoy! Read More >>

Spot-Check Finger Scanner Could Catch You Boozing-On-the-Job

Big Brother doesn't like you drinking. In fact, surveillance society might just get cranked up a notch in Britain if this instant spot-check finger scanner gets deployed. It scans your digits to tell precisely how drunk you are so there's no hiding the morning after. Read More >>

Android’s Malware Scanner is a Relatively Useless Placebo

Google recently revealed that its latest 4.2 version of Android would offer built-in app scanning features, which we hoped would bring an end to the endless malware shock horror stories Android tends to suffer from. But one researcher claims it's virtually useless. Read More >>

Doxie Go Scans On Its Own and Is Now iOS Friendly

The original version won our affections with a lovely heart graphic on the scanning button, but Doxie's latest portable scanner is all business, doing its thing without even the need for a USB connection to a computer. Read More >>

The mobiUS Is an Ultrasound Machine That’ll Fit In Your Pocket

Windows Mobile may be ancient technology for those using an iPhone or Android handset, but for industry applications like the MobiUS SP1 mobile ultrasound system, the now two-year old operating system is just perfect. Read More >>