Disturbing New Visualisation Shows Cancer Cells Coursing Through a Mouse

Biologists in Japan have a developed an innovative scanning technique that makes tissues and vital organs transparent, allowing them to track cancer as it spreads throughout the bodies and brains of mice. Read More >>

Biometric Face-Scanning Till Adds Extra Security to Card Payments

The money transition experts at Worldpay are testing a prototype biometric credit card terminal, a machine that combines today's chip & pin basics with a facial database to help check that someone's not stolen your card and tortured you to reveal your PIN. Read More >>

Google’s Bots Can Tell the Difference Between Oranges and Bananas

Google's learning machines are slowly cottoning on and waking up to the world around them, with the tech giant's latest research developments seeing it double test scores when recognising the stuff that clutters our lives. Read More >>

3d printing
Disney Research 3D-Prints Figurines With the Most Lifelike Hair Ever

3D printing can make an action figure copy of your body and face, but the hair usually ends up looking like a Lego minifig wig. The mad scientists at Disney Research just solved that, with an algorithm so powerful it can trace your hair's shape and colour with ultra-realism. Read More >>

The Gorgeous Tics and Errors of Laser Scanning Gone Wrong

Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, the London-based duo known as ScanLAB Projects, continue to push the envelope of laser-scanning technology, producing visually stunning and conceptually intricate work that falls somewhere between art and practical surveying. Read More >>

A Gadget Used to Scan the Leaning Tower of Pisa is Helping Police Fight Crime

Three-dimensional scanners are one of the newest and most futuristic gadgets in a police investigator's toolkit. These clever little handheld devices can create 3D models of a crime scene in mere minutes. Excitingly, the technology just keeps getting better. Read More >>

Police Crime Scenes Get a High Tech Aid in 3D-Scanning

Documenting a crime scene well is super important. Once it gets reopened to the public, there's no going back. You can take all the pictures you want, and they might not cut it, but the Roswell Police have a new future-cop style trick: scanning everything. Read More >>

New Airport Screening Method May Finally End the Absurd Liquid Ban

It looks like the days of shampoo bottles striking fear into the hearts of airport security everywhere might be numbered. Thanks to Los Alamos scientists, a new type of detection technology could give airports the tools they need to finally tell if a liquid is a potential threat—all with one simple scan. Read More >>

Face-Scanning Cameras Coming to Tesco Petrol Stations to Show You Even More Lovely Adverts

Tesco is reported to have signed a deal to install a face-scanning camera technology in all of its 450 UK petrol stations, which will be used to ID customers and suggest relevant adverts -- like which brand of massive chocolate bar they might like to impulsively add to their petrol bill. Read More >>

3D Scanning Turns a Subway Ride Into a Glitchy Virtual Acid Trip

You can run into some weird dudes on the underground, but for the most part it's a pretty normal experience. That is, unless you record it with a digital scanner; then it turns into a glitched-out digital funhouse. On acid. Read More >>

Feeding Digital Images Through This Mirror Will Warp Your Mind

There's a lot of lore about what we see in mirrors, or what happens if we go through the looking glass. This vaguely sinister app offers some control of the situation. Unsigned Mirror is an openFrameworks Windows and Mac app written by the art and technology group Unsigned Long Long. Read More >>

Skype Has 3D Video Calls Working “In the Lab” But is Unsure About a Public Launch

While Nintendo and the BBC are ditching 3D for the forseeable future, Microsoft's Skype messaging tool is looking to embrace the tech at some point with bosses claiming it's been experimenting with 3D capture and messaging in order to create a convincing "body double" effect. Read More >>

3d printing
A Handheld 3D Scanner Could Let You Upload Your Whole World

3D printing is more popular and accessible than ever, with printers on course to get even cheaper in the near future. But printing is only one side of the equation, what about taking 3D pictures? There's a convenient, handheld gadget in the works that could do just that, and way cheaper than anything else has before. Read More >>

The Government’s Slipped the Ability to Scan Your Postcards and Mail Into Its Draft Super-Snooper Bill

The internet isn't the only thing the government wants to monitor with its back-from-the-dead super snooper bill -- it seems it also wants to scan all your post cards and mail. Apparently it isn't planning to actually enact the law, but it's written there, bold as brass. Read More >>