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5 of the Best End Credits Scenes of All Time

I don’t like post-credits scenes. They’re almost always underwhelming and are often made only to please a tiny sliver of people who are smugly in the know. Sometimes they even remove you from the feeling of the movie you just watched. End credits, though? Those can be pretty damn awesome because you don’t have to wait through the scroll. They happen right after the last scene. Read More >>

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10 Famous Movie Scenes That Actually Just Copied Other Movies

It’s not really a secret that filmmakers influence other filmmakers or that movies inspire other movies. That’s just how things work. Read More >>

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The Seven Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time

What movie scene scared you the most when you first watched it? Was it something embarrassing? Or is it something you’re still scared of, and if you see anything resembling it in real life, you completely freak out? Read More >>

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Watch the Last Scene of Every Pixar Movie

It’s almost always happily ever after. Pixar movies end with every one cheery, problems solved, relationships mended, fish found, and smiles animated. But they all end so damn nicely that they’re all utterly forgettable. I love most of these movies and can recall classic scenes in my head, and yet I don’t remember any of these endings. Read More >>

100 Years of Film History Retold with the Best Shot in Each Year

If you want to go through the history of cinema, you could easily just check out who won what when. There are awards given out to films every year, and the importance we place on those awards allow those films to live on long after they’re made. Read More >>

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A Side-By-Side Comparison of a TV Show’s First Scene Versus the Final Scene

Because we’re all so sensitive these days: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched some TV shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire or Lost or Sons of Anarchy or Friends, watch out, because you’ll see what the first frame was in the series premiere and what the last frame was in the series finale. Read More >>

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10 Old Movies With Special Effects That Have Actually Aged Well and Still Look Good

Movies heavy in visual effects don’t usually age well because they’re often trapped in their own time capsule. Special effects that were supposed to be impressive become cheesy, and intimidating effects that were supposed to add to the plot become laughable. Nothing kills the suspension of disbelief faster than bad visuals. Read More >>

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The Films That Inspired Quentin Tarantino, Side by Side With His Own

It’s no secret that Quentin Tarantino is a voracious movie-watcher who loves to pay homage to films that came before his own. Other directors do that too! But QT is so good at referencing other directors’ techniques that he’s developed his own unique style in the process. Read More >>

Broken-Hearted Flower Thief Filmed Legging it From Shop by Local News

A Polish film crew managed to capture a crime unfolding live in the background of their shot, as a man walked away from a shop with a bunch of flowers at a suspiciously brisk pace. Because he was stealing them. Read More >>