Examiners Told to Go Easy on French and German GCSE Students

UK students are taking foreign languages at GCSE level in ever-lower numbers, and one reason for this, according to education regulator Ofqual, is that it's harder to get the highest grades in French and German because of the way they're exactingly marked. So the solution is to make them a little easier. Read More >>

Cheating Police Want All Watches Banned From School Exams

An inquiry into the many and varied methods used to cheat our ways though life has suggested banning all watches from exam rooms, because in this day and age, it's hard to tell what is a cheap analogue Swatch, and what is in fact an always-online smart computer pretending to be a cheap feature Casio by displaying an HD image of a cheap feature Casio. Read More >>

Welsh Schools Pressured into Banning Creationism Talk

A group of scientists led by Sir David Attenborough is asking the Welsh government to specifically outlaw the teaching of creationism across all schools, amid concerns that a forthcoming tweak to the national curriculum may allow religious-leaning learning establishments to gloss over science and have children growing up thinking it's God that develops all the apps and games. Read More >>

Government Plans to Make Fat Kids Run Around in Circles More Often

The government has some bad news for that sad sack of flab currently three-screening itself to obesity-related death in front of Netflix, a PS4 and whatever the hell TikTok is when it's at home, as increased funding for in-school and after-school physical education could see the kids of the nation forced to perform one whole hour of exercise-related activity every day. Maybe that huge imposition will finally get the youth to rebel against the political elite. Read More >>

A High School in America Turned Alien into a Gigerific Stage Play

Generally speaking, creating unlicensed adaptations of film properties is frowned upon in local theater scenes. But sometimes, you get away with it by creating something super rad, which is what happened in the case of Alien: The Play, a full-length adaptation of Ridley Scott’s Alien helmed by Perfecto Cuervo, an English teacher at North Bergen High School in New Jersey USA alongside his student players. Read More >>

Christmas Uncancelled at Yorkshire School

The school that got on the news by pretending it was going to ban Christmas has not in fact banned Christmas, you will be amazed to hear, as the European Court of Justice has ruled against the unilateral cancellation of a celebratory... no that's not what happened. The teachers decided enough was enough and it was all just a bit silly anyway and got well out of hand. Read More >>

Someone Seems to Have Finally Made a Highlighter That Won’t Smear Your Notes

They seem like a mundane piece of stationery, just one of hundreds of tools helping you to get through college, but apparently there's still some advanced research being done in the field of highlighters, resulting in what seems to be the first markers that won't smear notes written in pen. Read More >>

Study: Future Teachers Are Already Biased Against Black Children

That black school children are treated more harshly than white children by teachers is no secret, as plenty of studies and painful anecdotes have repeatedly shown. But some recent research published in the journal Contemporary Educational Psychology suggests an even more discouraging reality: The incoming generation of teachers shows bias against black kids, too. Read More >>

Culture Secretary Thumbs-Ups Bans on Phones in Schools

Headteachers across the country have just been given the nod to introduce their own local bans on smartphone use in schools, with culture secretary Matt Hancock saying he admires heads who've already risked teenage riots and an elevation in door slamming by restricting the bringing of gadgets to school. Read More >>

Brighton School Bans Plastic and Says Straws Are as Bad as Cigarettes

Brighton College is launching its own little standalone war on plastic, with its headteacher saying it's time to start punishing children for bringing single use plastics in as part of their packed lunches. Read More >>

An Elaborate Test Cheating Scheme in Asia Involved Hidden Phones and Flesh-Coloured Earpieces

A tutor and several accomplices were recently caught running a complex exam cheating operation in Singapore that one prosecutor called “highly sophisticated.” Unfortunately for them, it apparently wasn’t sophisticated enough to avoid getting busted. Read More >>

Proper Degree Yours Online for Just £16k

What appears to be the first full-strength university undergraduate degree taught entirely online is about to be made available by the University of London's Goldsmiths college, which will let anyone study for a three-year BSc in computer science from home. It had to be computer science. Read More >>

social media
Social Media Is Corrupting the Youth Slightly Less Than We Feared

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might not be destroying the minds of The Youth™ as much as we thought, according to a recent review published in Educational Psychology. In some cases, social media could even be helping them do better at school. Read More >>

Teacher Hates His Spoilt Posh Rich Kids

The headteacher of a £30k-a-year boarding home for the offspring of the elite doesn't seem to enjoy teaching them very much, as he's branded his students a bunch of lazy, entitled wannabes who lack the determination to do anything more with their lives than sit back and watch the likes roll in. Read More >>

School Accidentally Shows Children What Mr & Mrs Brown do When Paddington’s Asleep

This isn't funny. I'm a dad and trust me, this is definitely not funny. I'm writing this with the same grim, determined face I put on when the wife shows me an allegedly amusing video on Reddit. But, at the same time, it sort of is funny, because you can only imagine the horrific meetings going on right now between staff and parents of children attending Croft Academy in Walsall, after pornography was somehow inserted into a primary school viewing of Paddington. Read More >>