Scottish School With One Pupil Needs a New Teacher

The Scottish school of Foula Primary is after a new teacher, and it shouldn't be too much like hard work as from next term there's only going to be one child attending. Read More >>

Kids Go Mad for Old Lady Herb Rosemary

Weird myths about plants are still alive and well according to retailer Holland & Barrett, which says the kids are bulk-buying products containing rosemary because of a supposed link between the plant and better mental performance around exam time. Read More >>

500 Kids Took a Knife to School With Them Last Year

A Freedom of Information probing of data from 32 police forces in England and Wales has revealed the shocking state of warfare in our schools, with air rifles, axes, improvised battery tasers, metal rods and even a rolling pin being taken into buildings by children keen to win local turf wars and settle scores. Read More >>

Anti-Hacking Lessons are Coming to the School Curriculum

The government is hoping that the youth of the nation might one day end up doing more with technology than holding YouTube in front of their pale, expressionless faces for 16 hours a day, and is putting £20m into a new tech programme to educate kids in the ways of cyber security in the belief that we might end up with some talented future keyboard warriors. Read More >>

Teachers Test Body Cameras to Calm the Craziest Kids

A trial of body cameras is being operated by a couple of schools in England, with teachers using the threat of their behaviour being recorded and potentially used as evidence to try to calm down the most disruptive of children. Read More >>

Teacher Abandons School 4G Network Block Idea

A headteacher at a school in North Yorkshire did a bit of reading up and thought she'd found a great way of ending social media bullying and the endless distraction of mobile phones on school time -- blocking the 4G network. Read More >>

Google Boss Brings Digital Skills Training to the UK

We've done something to please Google CEO Sundar Pichai, as he's in the UK right now and has announced a plan to offer a chunk of free digital skills training to anyone who thinks they might benefit from five hours of being told how the internet works. Read More >>

Teachers are Feeling Besieged by Angry Parents on Social Media

A survey of more than 1,000 head teachers has found that many of them are finding the constant pressure applied by parents through social media too much to handle, with more than half of the teachers polled saying the online behaviour of mums and dads is a big issue that impacts upon their working day. Read More >>

Controlled Explosions at UK Schools Due to Incorrect Storage of Chemical

The chemistry department is officially down with the kids, and it’s all thanks to a boo-boo. Controlled explosions have had to be carried out at several schools due to the incorrect storage of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (C6H3(NO2)2NHNH2). Read More >>

Google and Facebook Could Set up Universities Under Government Reforms

Changes to the UK's education system will make it easier for private companies to start up universities and create bespoke qualifications, meaning that one day soon we may have degrees in generating content and courses in successfully engaging with audiences via Google and Facebook. Read More >>

Could YOU Answer Today’s SATs English Questions?

Fun for all the family site SATs 2016 has published a sample key stage 2 SATs English test to give everyone a taste of what the country’s youngsters have to put up with before, well, before they’re able to play around and get into trouble, like kids are supposed to. So go on, lock yourself away for a bit, put 10 minutes on the clock and don't even think about cheating. Read More >>

Herefordshire Council IT System Accidentally Tries to Send Kids to All the Schools

Herefordshire Council has angered masses of parents within its catchment area, after a computer problem -- or a man in charge of a computer problem -- saw acceptance emails wrongly sent to parents who'd applied for places at schools. Read More >>

School Test Results Improve After Banning Mobile Phones

Researchers mapping exam test results and school mobile phone bans have some bad news for the student population of the UK, with data suggesting that schools that ban mobiles can expect to see test results rocket by a whopping 6.4 per cent. Read More >>

Smartwatch Micro-Craze Triggers Watch Ban in Universities

The fact that some people want their notifications on their wrists has spoilt the empowering, knowing-the-time fun for some uni students, thanks to examiners realising that smartwatches could be used to cheat in exams. Read More >>

Theatre Posts Porn Instead of School Play to Parents and Children

Some sort of catastrophic mix-up in a DVD duplication firm ended up with pornography being burned to discs supposed to contain a school performance, leading to a grovelling apology, a recall of discs and dads showing an interest in their child's education for once. Read More >>