Posh School Offers Online A-Levels for £15,000 a Year

Children too lazy or too posh to attend their A-Level courses in person will soon be able to do it all online, should mummy and daddy be able to find £15,000 a year for the privilege of earning their child a certificate from London's elite proving ground of Harrow School. Read More >>

Dentists Want Schools to Be Sugar-Free Zones

Dentists shaking their heads in dismay at the state of the nation's teeth are pushing for new rules on the eating of sugary foods, and are angling for a future in which our schools become sugar-free zones in order to give the teeth of the children a few hours of respite from the attack of unhealthy foods and drinks. Read More >>

Schools Should Have Mandatory Meat-Free Days, Says the Soil Association

The government is under pressure to serve up a mandatory plant-based protein meal at least once a week to students on the advice of Soil Association – a charity focused on changing the "future of food and farming". Read More >>

Pupil Hacks Google Maps to Label School “Hell on Earth”

You'd expect pupils of Hornsea School and Language College to be a little better behaved than this, but no. A child, or perhaps a disgruntled former janitor, managed to submit a name change for the facility to Google Maps, causing it to appear online under the name Hornsea Prison and Hell on Earth. Read More >>

US Experiment Shows Later School Start Times Can Help Teens Get More Sleep

Here’s some refreshing good news, courtesy of a new study released last week in Science Advances. Teens in Seattle, US, got more sleep, had better punctuality, and even did better in class after schools across the area delayed their start times by about an hour. Read More >>

School Bans Christmas Pending Letters of Objection 

A North Yorkshire school is doing a worthy thought experiment thing to do with Christmas, with the shock headline being the banning of the sordid annual binge. Read More >>

South London School is Handing Out Number Plates to Curb Bad Cycling

We've all got tales about bad cyclists zooming around the road with no care for the people around them or local traffic laws. If you're like me many of your experiences will involve both unruly children and the odd food delivery person, and one South London school is trying to tackle the former by handing out number plates to children. Read More >>

Weapons Manufacturers Routinely Sponsor School Lessons

Companies that make a living selling bombs at least on the side are the target of an investigation by the Campaign Against Arms Trade, which says the likes of BAE, Raytheon and Thales are sponsoring learning sessions for primary school children in what would appear to be an attempt to groom kids for careers as warhead assemblers. Read More >>

Lego Puts Money into Pretending Lego is Proper Engineering

Lego has joined in with government initiative the Year of Engineering to promote Lego to kids -- like they need any more encouragement -- with the dangled carrot of a glamorous future career in engineering if your child actually understands how the electronics behind the educational sets work. Read More >>

Indian College Puts Surveillance Cameras in Men’s Toilets to Deter Cheating

Law students in India were horrified to learn CCTV surveillance cameras had been installed in men’s bathrooms at Dharam Samaj Degree College. The college installed them in men’s toilets nearest the classrooms conducting entrance exams for law and business degrees. Read More >>

Doctors Demand Kebab Exclusion Zones Around Schools

The Royal College of Paediatrics has gone a bit Jamie Oliver, and is demanding that MPs consider launching a ban on junk food shops opening within 400 metres of schools so the kids don't end up fat, greasy, and living in fear of limp salad and lurking infestations out back. Read More >>

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Social Media Lessons Needed in Schools to De-Stress the Kids

The children's commissioner for England thinks the government should make schools do more to explain the complicated modern world of social media to children, and has also warned that transitioning from primary to secondary school is when the minds of children are the most warped from the pressure to curate their lives into likeable digital parcels. Read More >>

Scottish School With One Pupil Needs a New Teacher

The Scottish school of Foula Primary is after a new teacher, and it shouldn't be too much like hard work as from next term there's only going to be one child attending. Read More >>

Kids Go Mad for Old Lady Herb Rosemary

Weird myths about plants are still alive and well according to retailer Holland & Barrett, which says the kids are bulk-buying products containing rosemary because of a supposed link between the plant and better mental performance around exam time. Read More >>

500 Kids Took a Knife to School With Them Last Year

A Freedom of Information probing of data from 32 police forces in England and Wales has revealed the shocking state of warfare in our schools, with air rifles, axes, improvised battery tasers, metal rods and even a rolling pin being taken into buildings by children keen to win local turf wars and settle scores. Read More >>