Mansion from Blade Runner and House on Haunted Hill Goes Up For Sale in Los Angeles

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous mansions, known as the Ennis House, is up for sale in east Los Angeles in the US state of California. And even if you don’t know the house, you certainly know the movies that the famous building has appeared in, including Blade Runner (1982), The House on Haunted Hill (1959) and The Replacement Killers (1998). The 6,000 square foot house can be yours for the low price of just $23 million (£17 million). Read More >>

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Ant-Man’s Michael Peña Saves the World in Netflix’s First Extinction Trailer

Night after night, a father has terrible dreams. Dreams of death. Invasion. Destruction. Then, those dreams start to become reality and he’ll stop at nothing to save his family. That’s the plot of Extinction, a new Netflix sci-fi film that just got its first trailer. Read More >>

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The Alien Ain’t Messing Around in the New Trailer for The Predator 

The newest promo clip for Shane Black’s upcoming Predator movie shows us the extraterrestrial hunter in all his bloody, click-noise-making glory. Read More >>

Torchwood’s Coming Back Soon Too, But Audio-Only and Still With a Man

Weird old Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is coming back for a sixth series, don't you know, only it's not going to have quite the same impact as the return of his most famous chum the Doctor; it's an audio production distributed on CD, as was the fifth series of the adventure serial. Read More >>

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A Mars-Bound Astronaut Risks Everything for the Future in Others Will Follow

Andrew Finch’s Others Will Follow is about a mission to Mars gone awry, but this isn’t The Martian. There are no alien potatoes, and no jokes about space pirates—just a lonely astronaut reflecting on his fate, and deciding to risk it all to send one last inspirational message back to Earth. Read More >>

Sky Launches a Sci-Fi Film Channel, But Only for a Month

Some advertising or marketing machinations probably involving the promotional budgets of Star Wars or Blade Runner are afoot, with the result being that Sky Cinema subscribers are to have a free extra sci-fi channel for the month of September and the first week of October. Read More >>

14 Recent Scifi Films That Didn’t Need Big Budgets To Be Amazing

Low-budget scifi movies may have had their heyday during Roger Corman’s rise to B-movie greatness in the 1950s, but they’re still going strong today—proving that you don’t necessarily need lavish special effects to tell a really great story. Here are our favourites from the past few decades. Read More >>

New Humble Bundle Nabs Some of the Best Nebula Award Winners for Hours of Sci-fi Obsession

Humble Bundle has just made friends with anyone looking for a stash of amazing and award-winning sci-fi and fantasy to add to their collection. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America bundle is an impressive collection of Nebula winners and nominated authors that’s basically an automatic summer reading list. Read More >>

Uber Reckons It’ll Have Flying Cabs By 2020

In a move that sounds suspiciously like it was crafted to take the focus off Uber's many, many, many PR problems, the ride-hailing company reckons it'll have flying taxis by 2020. Read More >>

Warner Bros Says HTC Vive Is Best VR System, Chooses It For ‘Ready Player One’

HTC Vive got a big endorsement today as Warner Bros Pictures announced that it'll be the official partner for all VR content for Ready Player One – calling it the "best system to represent the future of VR" in the process. Read More >>

John Hurt’s 8 Most Memorable Scifi and Fantasy Movie Roles

The sad news of John Hurt’s passing over the weekend got us thinking about his long career—particularly his many wonderful contributions to science fiction and fantasy films. We’ve gathered our eight favourite John Hurt scifi and fantasy movie roles here. Read More >>

Status Updates on All the Major Movies and TV Shows Stuck in Hollywood Limbo

Here at Giz, we report on a lot of projects when they’re first announced. Often, however, there’s a long stretch between the initial news and the project’s actual release. Sometimes, it’s long enough for you to completely forget about them; sometimes, it’s long enough that Hollywood probably forgot about them. Let’s check in on some projects that haven’t heard much from for awhile. Read More >>

The Author of The Martian Is Making an Astronaut TV Show

After the success of The Martian, both the book and the movie, it was evident author Andy Weir was going have some new opportunities. Now it seems one of those is on television. Read More >>

The Trailer For iBoy Is Here And It Is Cringe

There's no doubt Netflix have been putting out a lot of good stuff lately. The Crown, Stranger Things, new Black Mirror - but their upcoming film iBoy has made us exercise cringe muscles we didn't even know we had. Read More >>

Can You Pick Out All the References in This Action-Packed Sci-fi Poster Mashup?

Your eyeballs may not be prepared for what we’re about to show you. Read More >>