The Superstar Artist of The Wicked + The Divine Soars into Deep Space With The Killing Horizon

Jamie McKelvie is one of those guys. Your favourite comics artist’s favourite comics artist, a status cemented by the just-ended five-year marathon spent as the draftsman on award-winning pop music super-drama The Wicked + The Divine. For his next trick, he’s going full cartoonist, writing and drawing an all-new sci-fi series and he told us all about it. Read More >>

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Sci-Fi Miniseries Restoration Feels like Altered Carbon With a Case of the Body Snatchers

Seems like any other day. You head to the doctor to undergo a routine digital back-up of your consciousness, but find yourself suddenly trapped in someone else’s body. That’s the premise behind Restoration, an Australian sci-fi miniseries now available to watch for free online. Read More >>

Summer Is Fading, But There Are Tonnes of New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Coming to Brighten Up August

This month’s crop of brand-new sci-fi and fantasy horror books include space battles with hostile aliens, multiple mages, a pet crow who’s got a front-row seat to the zombie apocalypse, ghosts, dragons, salty heroes, and even a few tales of tech gone wild. Dig in! Read More >>

The Nevers, Joss Whedon’s Victorian Sci-Fi Series, Shares Its Full Cast of Colourful Characters

The last we heard about “Joss Whedon’s HBO show about Victorian ladies with superpowers,” also known as The Nevers, was a few months back, when Outlander’s Laura Donnelly snagged the lead. Until today, that is, with this robust list of character descriptions and the actors who’ve been cast. Read More >>

8 Questions We Have About (the Yet to Be Announced, But Inevitable) Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 3 has been out for a few weeks, and now that we’ve had time to really digest the things we liked and didn’t like, our minds have drifted toward what’s next. So far, the Duffer Brothers have only offered some vague teases for season four—which Netflix has yet to officially confirm, though it sure feels inevitable—but we have some questions, suggestions, hopes, and demands to toss out there. Read More >>

An Interstellar War Looms in the Latest Trailer for Katee Sackhoff’s Sci-Fi Series Another Life

Just days after releasing the first teaser for Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff’s new sci-fi series, Another Life, Netflix has dropped a full trailer that reveals even more about the show’s crew of space explorers – as well as the mysterious (and apparently hostile) aliens that inspire their journey from Earth in the first place. Read More >>

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Katee Sackhoff Attempts to Save Humanity in the Trailer for Netflix’s Another Life

After years of watching her as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, there’s just something that feels right about seeing Katee Sackhoff in a spaceship, heading off to save humanity. She’s done it before and now she’ll do it again, albeit in a whole new way, in Netflix’s Another Life. Read More >>

In This Excerpt From Chuck Wendig’s New Sci-Fi Thriller, Wanderers, a Scientist Begins to Realize the World’s in Deep Trouble

Chuck Wendig is a name you’ll recognise if you’re a fan of Star Wars novels (or follow the ins and outs of Star Wars comics). But he also does plenty of work beyond the galaxy far, far, away – including his epic new sci-fi thriller, Wanderers, which is coming to shelves this week. Gizmodo has a very intriguing excerpt to share with you today. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Returns to TV*

Yes! Red Dwarf is... oh. Oh no. Oh smegging hell no. Red Dwarf is going to be back on TV tonight, but the format of this new, ahem, episode, is not going to be fondly recalled as one of the series' most memorable moments. Red Dwarf is back to sell terrestrial vehicle breakdown recovery services. Read More >>

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Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer Subverts the ‘Lost Girl’ Trope in a New Sci-Fi Short Film

One of the common tropes in fiction is the “lost girl,” where a young woman goes missing and the majority of the film or series is spent trying to find out what happened. This can make for suspenseful viewing, but it also forces the female character to be more of a plot device than a person. In After Her, a new sci-fi short film on Dust from Aly Migliori, Stranger Things Natalia Dyer isn’t just another lost girl. She’s something... different. Read More >>

Which Cyberpunk Keanu Reeves Protagonist Will You Be in the Future?

If there’s anything I’ve learned from futuristic movies, it’s that, at some point, each and every one of us will become Keanu Reeves. Read More >>

Men in Black: International Is a Galaxy of Fun for a New Generation

Men in Black: International will not be the best movie you see this year. There are plot issues, character arcs go unfinished, and the ending felt rushed. But it’s still a campy, cool sci-fi spy thriller – one that coasts on the natural charisma of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, who may be one of this generation’s best comedic duos. In a sense, it kind of feels like the perfect sequel to the original Men in Black. It’s an entertaining movie made better by the people in it. Read More >>

RIP Paul Darrow, Blake’s 7’s Unlikely, Sardonic ‘Hero’

Paul Darrow, beloved for his turn as Kerr Avon in the cult British sci-fi series Blake’s 7, has passed away after a short illness at the age of 78. Read More >>

Westworld’s Teaser for Season 3 Reminds Us There’s More to Life Than Fantasy

HBO decided to drop its first look at Westworld season three (or Westworld III, as they’re calling it) just before the big Game of Thrones series finale aired in the US. And it was...different. Read More >>

5 Things We’d Like to See From The Orville Season 3

There’s a lot going on in pop culture at the moment, but somehow we’re still thinking about The Orville’s thrilling season two finale. This weekend brought the very welcome news that The Orville has been renewed for a third season, so it's got us thinking about all the wonderful things that we'd like to see the series do. Some of these things are silly, but also somewhat serious – come on, you know as well as we do that a musical episode would be incredible. Read More >>