Is This Art Gross?

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NASA’s Mars Recruitment Posters Will Convince You to Go Die in Space

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This Google Dream Bot-Inspired Artwork is Mind Blowing

Last summer, the internet was overrun with six-eyed dog faces, human legs that are actually slugs, and other images reminiscent of the day you ate magic mushrooms and feverishly explored your kitchen floor. In fact, these were the dreams of an AI developed by Google. And it was only a matter of time before the technology inspired new forms of art. Read More >>

This Physicist’s Designer Snowflakes Are Dazzling

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This Timelapse Video of Radio Observatories is Just Breathtaking

With gold-plated space telescopes promising to discover distant worlds and unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, radio astronomy can sometimes feel a bit passé. But lest you think the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is no longer sexy, a glorious new photo collection featuring radio observatories across the US would like to show you otherwise. Read More >>

These Colourful Liquid Droplets Chase Each Other Like Living Organisms

When water hits a glass surface, it usually just spreads itself out. But when water containing the organic molecule propylene glycol (PG) hits glass, it comes alive. In a manner of speaking. Read More >>