Record-Breaking Laser Experiment Could Teach Us About the Cores of Super-Earths

An enormous laser targeted for shutdown by proposed federal budget cuts has just done some record-breaking science in order to understand the centres of faraway exoplanets that scientists call “super-Earths.” Read More >>

It Turns Out That Knowing More About Science Doesn’t Correct Misbelief

When Kevin Esvelt, an evolutionary biologist at MIT, started thinking about using genetically engineered mice to fight Lyme disease, among his first stops was a community meeting in the small Martha’s Vineyard town of Chilmark. Esvelt makes regular field trips to talk to the public about his work. If the potential of tools like CRISPR to solve the problems of disease, hunger and environmental catastrophe is ever to be realise, he reasons, first the public will have to be convinced it is not about to usher in the apocalypse. Read More >>

Sting Operation Reveals Science’s Insane Fake News Problem 

If someone applied to a top position at a company, you’d hope a hiring manager would at least Google the applicant to ensure they’re qualified. A group of researchers sent phony resumes to 360 scientific journals for an applicant whose Polish name translated to “Dr. Fraud.” And 48 journals happily appointed the fake doctor to their editorial board. Read More >>

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Gutting NASA’s Earth Science Division Would Send Research Back to the Dark Ages

Norm Nelson is interested in what makes the oceans tick. As a biological oceanographer at UC Santa Barbara, his research draws connections between sunlight and phytoplankton, the tiny green microbes that power the marine carbon cycle. There are plenty of outstanding questions Nelson wants to pursue—but after 30 productive years, his days as a scientist may be numbered. Read More >>

Solar Storm Defence Plans are Finally Hotting Up

Earthquakes, droughts, and hurricanes are all-too-familiar global occurrences to which societies have grown defensive by educating citizens and coming up with clever infrastructure design. But space weather represents a growing threat to our tech-driven society and it seems finally that the issue is being taken seriously by the world's governments. Read More >>