Monkeys in India Stole Covid-19 Blood Samples, Chewed on Them

A band of thieving monkeys attacked a lab researcher in India and made off with blood test samples taken from covid-19 patients. Read More >>

Ancient Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss Dwarfs Modern Melting, Study Finds

More than a year ago, researcher Julian Dowdeswell boarded a research vessel at the edge of the Fimbul ice shelf to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula. He and six other scientists with the University of Cambridge were setting off as part of an expedition to study the ancient patterns of ice sheet retreat along the peninsula, what is one of today’s most vulnerable ice shelves. Read More >>

The Allosaurus Was A Cannibal Dinosaur, Study Shows

Even if you’re not a palaeontologist, you’ll know the Allosaurus was a bitey dinosaur thanks to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series. A new study shows it liked eating other dinosaurs so much, it would occasionally take on the challenge of choosing another Allosaurus for its meal. Read More >>

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Struck Earth at ‘Deadliest Possible Angle,’ New Research Suggests

When the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit Earth, it struck at an angle that maximised its destructive potential, according to new computer simulations of the catastrophic event. Read More >>

Intergalactic Pulses Solve Mystery of Universe’s Missing Matter

Scientists have spent three decades trying to locate half of all the “normal” matter that’s supposed to exist in the universe. A new paper is claiming to have finally found this missing stuff, in a discovery made possible by measuring incoming fast radio bursts. Read More >>

Lots of People Have Weird Digestive Troubles, Global Survey Finds

A substantial portion of the world’s population deals with chronic and mysterious digestive issues, the results of a large global survey indicate. More than a third of people said they recently had symptoms of a functional gastrointestinal disorder, the research found, with “functional” meaning that their symptoms had no clear outside cause or mechanism. Read More >>

Migratory Birds Are Failing to Adapt to Climate Change

New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday shows that the climate crisis may be seriously messing with North American birds’ migration patterns, and the consequences could be dire. Read More >>

Turns Out That ‘Active’ Object in Jupiter’s Orbit Is a Comet in Disguise

Astronomers were abuzz last week following the discovery of an active asteroid in Jupiter’s orbit, in what was thought to be a new type of celestial object. Follow-up investigations have revealed it to be a regular comet, albeit one in a misleading orbit. Read More >>

Study Finds Vaping Puts an ‘Incredible Amount of Stress’ on Mouth Bacteria

Vaping’s potential harms may extend beyond the lungs, a new study published on Wednesday in Science Advances suggests. Looking at the mouths of young healthy vapers, the study found evidence of drastic changes to the oral microbiome – changes that could raise their future risk of gum disease. Read More >>

Watch SpaceX Launch NASA Astronauts to Space Live Right Here

The day has finally arrived. Today, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are scheduled to launch aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon and fly to the International Space Station. You can watch this historic launch live right here. Read More >>

Holding the World’s Breath at 11,135 Feet

There are just a few moments from my past that, having left an indelible mark on my life, I can now return to in an instant. My first dance at my wedding to “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The phone call I received, as I dressed to go to work, telling me my mother had died. Opening my college acceptance letter with a crisp rip of the envelope. Read More >>

Pregnant Women With Covid-19 May Have Higher Risk of Placenta Injury, Study Finds

A small study suggests that women who contract covid-19 while pregnant may be at higher risk for complications. Compared to uninfected women, women with covid-19 had a greater chance of injury to their placenta, the study found. Read More >>

marine biology
Scientists Record Rarely Heard Sounds Made by Narwhals

Marine biologists, with help from Inuit whalers, have assembled an unprecedented collection of narwhal vocalisations, offering fresh insights into the behaviours of these near-mythical creatures. Read More >>

Miniature Rock Art Found in Australia May Have Been Stencilled by Children

Archaeologists working at a rockshelter in northern Australia have discovered a trove of unusual miniaturised rock art made using stencils. This rare form of rock art may have served an ominous supernatural purpose – or it might be whimsical doodles made by children. Read More >>

Half My Nightmares Start With This Giant Cyborg Teddy Bear Learning How to Hug

In a time of social distancing, a giant teddy bear giving enormous hugs sounds like a great way for people to safely cope with isolation. But Arizona State University’s robo-bear, which can learn to hug by observing humans, looks like it’s ready to give you the last embrace you’ll ever feel. Read More >>