Infant Skeletons Wearing ‘Helmets’ Made of Other Children’s Skulls Stun Archaeologists

Archaeologists in Ecuador have uncovered evidence of a previously undocumented funeral ritual, in which the heads of recently deceased infants were adorned with the skulls of other children. Scientists can only speculate as to the reasons why. Read More >>

New Brain-Wave Study Shows How DMT Alters Our Consciousness

Scientists have completed the first ever placebo-controlled investigation of the effects of the hallucinogen DMT on resting brain activity, according to a new study. Read More >>

SpaceX’s Starship Prototype Blows Its Top During Pressure Test

The Mk1 Starship prototype is officially done following an explosive incident at SpaceX’s test site on Wednesday afternoon. Read More >>

It’s Time to Kick Big Pharma Out of Antibiotics Research, Scientists Argue

In the wake of recent reports showing that antibiotic-resistant superbugs are on the rise, some scientists here in the UK are pushing for a fix that might seem radical. They argue that the research and development of new antibiotics should be taken out of the pharmaceutical industry’s hands and publicly funded on a global scale. Read More >>

Scientists Find Sugar in Meteorites, Now Let Me Lick Them

Researchers found evidence of sugar molecules in primitive meteorites, according to a new study. Now, if you please, I would like to taste the rocks. Read More >>

First Global Map of Titan Reveals a Truly Alien World

Using data gathered by NASA’s Cassini probe, scientists have compiled the first global geologic map of Saturn’s enigmatic moon Titan. The new map reveals a world that’s distinctly familiar, yet completely foreign at the same time. Read More >>

I Have to Tell You Something Very Important About Honeybees

I simply must inform you of this crucial bee fact: When bees get trapped in water, they use their wings as hydrofoils to surf back to the safety of land. Read More >>

Consumer DNA Testing May Be the Biggest Health Scam of the Decade

At the start of this decade, the US government called out consumer DNA testing as a burgeoning scam industry. Little did we know how it would explode in popularity. Read More >>

Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites Are Already Causing a Headache for Astronomers

Astronomers at a Chilean observatory were rudely interrupted earlier this week when a SpaceX satellite train consisting of 60 Starlink satellites drifted overhead, in what scientists are apparently going to have to accept as the new normal. Read More >>

Gravitational Waves Could Uncover Missing-Link Black Holes

Scientists hope that the future of gravitational wave detection will allow them to directly observe a mysterious kind of black hole. Read More >>

How the 2010s Changed Physics Forever

This decade marked not just one but a series of turning points in the history of physics. Read More >>

Watch Wild Fish Chase a Laser Pointer

Laser pointers: they’re not just for taunting cats anymore. Marine researchers claim that at least some species of wild fish will dutifully chase a laser point on the seabed. And what’s more, this quirk might help scientists better understand how these fish protect their homes. Read More >>

Researchers Create Trash-Talking Robot That Proves Machines Can Get Under Human’s Skin

Trash talk has long been an effective (but underhanded) tool when it comes to sport, gaming, and other competitive endeavours. But it’s been assumed that it’s a strategy that only works between humans who can deliver remarks with emotional weight. It turns out that’s not the case, as researchers from Carnegie Mellon University discovered after programming a docile robot to trash talk a human opponent. Read More >>

Why The Bermuda Triangle Became The Subject Of Supernatural Speculation

The Bermuda Triangle, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, has become a symbol of mystery and intrigue in pop culture. Read More >>

A Man Developed ‘Feather Duvet Lung’ After Getting New Bedding

A UK man’s innocent decision to change his bedding caused him to develop a strange, rare condition that left him gasping for air, his doctors say. In a new case study out Monday, they detail how the man came down with a rare form of allergy to the bird feathers that filled his new duvet and pillows. Read More >>