Astronomers See Ancient Remnants of Incredible Galactic Explosion

Scientists have discovered evidence of the largest energy outburst ever recorded. The clues to this ancient explosion come in the form of a giant bubble of ancient radio waves. Read More >>

Study Identifies 300 Species of Bacteria That Live in the Human Vagina

Scientists say they’ve for the first time conducted an extensive analysis of the bacteria that live in the human vagina. And they seem to have found plenty of surprises. Read More >>

Disturbing Letter About Life in COVID-19 Ward in China Is Abruptly Retracted

Earlier this week, British medical journal The Lancet published a brief correspondence from two Chinese medical aid workers who said they were currently fighting the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The letter, which describes extreme and intolerable working conditions inside the isolation wards, was suddenly retracted today, under what can only be described as highly suspicious circumstances. Read More >>

Saturn Emojis, Ranked By a Planetary Scientist in a Twitter Thread

Emojis come in all shapes and sizes and each company offers its own take on their interpretation with varying accuracy. In the case of Saturn, a planetary scientist in the U.S. has made a call in a detailed Twitter thread on who has created the most accurate of the ringed planet's emojis. Read More >>

WHO Accused of Conducting Vaccine Trial Without Participant Consent in Three African Countries

A scathing opinion piece in the BMJ is accusing the World Health Organization of conducting a pilot program in Africa for an experimental malaria vaccine without acquiring the informed consent of participants. Experts are calling it a “serious breach” of international bioethical standards and potentially “a disaster for public trust in vaccines.” Read More >>

Why Is Courtroom Science So Unscientific?

On 15 May 1989, 83-year-old Modine Wise was found naked and beaten in her home. The perpetrator left evidence scattered around her: a bloody handprint, a jacket, a pack of cigarettes, and two hairs. In February of 1991, the court sentenced 23-year-old Timothy Bridges to life in prison for the crime. Read More >>

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China’s Space Agency Reveals What It Learned from Deep Radar Probe of Moon’s Far Side

On 3 January 2019, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) accomplished a human first: It successfully placed a lander on the far side of the Moon. Today, the team is revealing new insights about what they found beneath the lunar surface. Read More >>

Red Pandas Might Actually Be Two Species

Scientists think they’ve helped settle a debate over one of the most endangered (and cutest) animals around: the red panda. New genetic evidence suggests there are really two different species of red panda, each with a unique evolutionary history. Read More >>

One Form of Online Shopping Is Better for the Climate (It’s Not Amazon)

I use dry red lentils, black peppercorns, and capers a lot. And now, I’m out. Rather than walk to the store in the cold, I’ve been thinking about taking advice from Carla Lalli Music’s cookbook and ordering these pantry staples online. That might be more time-efficient for me, but is it more energy-efficient for the planet? The answer, according to new research, depends on where I do my online shopping. Read More >>

Possible New ‘Mini-Moon’ Detected in Orbit Around Earth

Astronomers from the Catalina Sky Survey say they have detected a rare mini-moon around Earth. Sadly, we shouldn’t get too attached to our new natural satellite, as the rock – if that’s indeed what it is – will only hang around for a few months. Read More >>

Stone Tools Suggest Supervolcano Eruption Didn’t Decimate Humanity 74,000 Years Ago

Humans may have continued to thrive in spite of a supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago, according to a new study. The finding could have important implications for our understanding of human history. Read More >>

Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans Because of the Coronavirus?

As an outbreak of a new pneumonia-causing coronavirus is poised to spread across the globe, people in largely unaffected places like the UK might worry about visiting areas where the virus is spreading or travelling by air at all. The answer to whether you should cancel existing travel plans, however, is complicated. Read More >>

There’s a Lot More Happening Inside Mars Than We Knew

Scientists have published a treasure trove of new research from the InSight lander’s first year on Mars, showing just how active the Red Planet really is. Read More >>

The Climate Crisis Is Causing ‘Dramatic’ Changes in the Pacific Arctic

Nowhere is safe from the climate crisis, but some regions are suffering more than others. The Pacific edge of the Arctic Ocean is one of those regions, and it’s changing in big, scary ways. The region has gotten warmer and lost ice over the past century, but in a paper published in Nature Climate Change on Monday, researchers say the region underwent a “sudden and dramatic shift” from 2017 to 2019. They fear the effects could be irreversible, in some ways mirroring a shift happening on the Atlantic side as well. Read More >>

This Noodle-Fingered Robot Is a Friend to Jellyfish

Forget flies—this robot is so gentle, it wouldn’t hurt a jellyfish. Read More >>