Widely-Reported Study on Fish and Microbeads Might Have Been Faked

A headline grabbing-study published in Science last year that warned about the effects of plastic microbeads on larval fish is on the verge of being retracted. In a case involving missing data, shoddy research methods, and outright fabrication, it’s one of the most egregious examples of scientific fraud we’ve seen in quite some time, and a case in which there’s plenty of blame to go around. Read More >>

A US Government-Funded Zika Study Will Use Olympic Athletes as Guinea Pigs

In an effort to learn more about the dreaded disease, the US National Institutes of Health is funding a study in which a group of US athletes, coaches, and staff will be monitored for exposure to the Zika virus while attending the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil. Read More >>

Flawed Data Just Made That ‘Alien Megastructure’ Even More Unlikely

Remember all that fuss last year about the supposed discovery of an alien megastructure? A new study is taking issue with some of the data used in support of the theory, claiming that the observations were tarnished by the inconsistent use of telescopes down here on Earth. Read More >>