The Complex Legacy of World War I’s Women Scientists

During World War I, far away from the lines of battle, the UK was faced with a different crisis. As thousands of khaki-clad “Tommies” shipped off to the front, the British economy teetered on the cusp of grinding to a halt. With the men gone, the task of keeping the country’s lights on fell to women. British women flooded into munitions factories, hospitals, universities, and laboratories. Read More >>

#FieldWorkFail Proves Science is a Horrifyingly Messy Process

When most of us imagine scientists, we picture white lab coats, sparkling work benches, and tidy, controlled experiments. We do not tend to imagine accidentally exchanging saliva with dead animals or gluing oneself to a large carnivore. Read More >>

These Lady Scientists Are So Distractingly Sexy I’m In Love and Crying

The internets are having fun destroying biochemist Tim Hunt’s comments about “the trouble with girls” in laboratories. Using the hashtag #distractinglysexy, people are posting ironic pictures of famed female scientists, while working scientists are taking selfies so hot it’s like they’re saturated with thermal energy. Read More >>

Scientists Don’t Even Believe in Science Reports

You know how every other day a new science report comes out saying this and that gives you cancer? But then a day after it's revealed that the same this and that actually prevents cancer? Yeah. What the hell should we believe in? Who knows because scientists have just found that scientists lie all the time in their scientific findings. Read More >>

This Artificial Jellyfish Made From A Rat’s Heart Is The Power of Science

Scientists are smart people, coming up with all sorts of life-changing things, ranging from the weird to the wonderful, all in the name of science. Here's one example: researchers from the US have made an artificial jellyfish that uses heart cells from a rat. Read More >>