We’ve Got Booze, Dames, and Robots in the First Episode of Scifi Noir Automata

Automata is a classic story of two hardened detectives solving crimes and scoring ladies in Prohibition-era New York City. Except this time, one of them’s a robot, played by Doug Jones. Read More >>

star trek
The Star Trek Movieverse Has Finally Hired Its First Female Director

If you thought the most surprising thing about Star Trek film franchise was that Quentin Tarantino was potentially penning an R-rated script for it, think again. The big news now is that the Star Trek movieverse will finally be adding a female director to its ranks. Damn, it’s about time. Read More >>

The Legendary Cult Movie Known as ‘Turkish Star Wars’ Now Has a Smashing New HD Scan

Back in 2016, a cult-movie miracle occurred when film historian Ed Glaser discovered the last remaining 35mm print of 1982's The Man Who Saves the World—better known as “the Turkish Star Warstucked away in a vault in Turkey. After two years of restoration, the film now has its own 2K digital scan. Read More >>

Here’s a Crash Course in Westworld Before the Season Two Premiere

Usually we title these kinds of guides “everything you need to know about XYZ show.” But HBO’s Westworld isn’t easily summed up or explained. A huge part of its appeal is that it’s so enigmatic, dropping clues and teasing out mysteries as its story builds. To fully appreciate season two, it’d be best to watch season one first—preferably twice—but if time is an issue (or if you just need a season one refresher), here’s a crash course. Read More >>

A New Take-Home Exhibit From the Museum of Science Fiction Celebrates the Women of Sci-Fi

After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the finished product is here: Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction. It’s a collection of new and reprinted works, framed as a take-home exhibit from the Museum of Science Fiction. Read More >>

Remembering The Host, a Scifi Book That Barely Wanted to be Scifi

Hey, remember when Stephenie Meyer wrote a scifi novel? Not just any scifi novel, but “science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction” (that’s a direct quote). Nine years ago, The Host hit bookstands, becoming one of scifi’s strangest and most unwelcome additions. Read More >>

James Cameron Making Docu-Series About Evolution of Science Fiction

AMC has approved a six-episode documentary series from James Cameron about how the science fiction genre has changed over time, as well as how it’s changed us. Read More >>

Add All 19 of These New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Your September Reading List

September’s new books feature aliens, superheroes, time travel, and what sounds like a wonderfully genre-busting new novel from Alan Moore. This list includes our picks from last week’s autumn preview, as well as plenty of additional titles to add to your exponentially growing reading list. Read More >>

Help Build a New Database of Science Fiction Works That Deal With Medical Themes

A lot of science fiction incorporates medicine — be it realistic, fantastic, futuristically life-enhancing, or horrific. A new project at the University of Glasgow, dubbed “Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities”, aims to study creative visions of medical care, and one crowdsourced aspect of it needs your help. Read More >>

Dig Into the Latest Issue of the Journal of Science Fiction

We really enjoyed the inaugural issue of the Journal of Science Fiction earlier this year, and the Museum of Science Fiction has just released its second issue. Read More >>

18 Scifi and Fantasy Novels You Should Add to Your Bookshelves This June

It’s June, and that means a whole new cohort of books coming out to load up on this month. We’ve got new books from established pros Stephen Baxter, Brenda Cooper and Naomi Novik, as well as exciting new debuts from Malka Older, Yoon Ha Lee, and Joe Zieja! You’re going to be very busy reading with this lot. Read More >>

Who’s the Weakest Supervillain of All Time?

We’re finally getting superhero films and TV shows that live up to the wonder and thrill of comics. But despite a few really great bad guys, supervillains still aren’t getting their due. A lot of baddies are just kind of... there. But who’s the weakest supervillain of all time? Read More >>

How Many Lego Bricks Would it Take to Build Famous Sci-Fi Structures and Vehicles

It’s hard to truly grasp the size of famous science fiction megastructures like the Death Star or the Halo ring and basically impossible to understand how big the Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise is because they all exist in different universes, which sadly isn’t the same one we exist in. If only we could look up and see the Borge cube or something. Luckily, we can translate the size of sci-fi to something we all understand: the little Lego brick. That 15.8 mm x 3.2 mm piece we’ve all played with. Read More >>

The BBC is Bringing Back The Twilight Zone as a Radio Drama

Ten classic episodes of The Twilight Zone will be broadcast in the UK for the first time — but, much like the show’s trademark, there’s a twist. The episodes will be reinvented as radio plays taken from Rod Serling’s original TV scripts, thanks to BBC Radio 4 Extra. Read More >>