15-Year-Old Gets Points on Non-Existent Driving Licence for Electric Scootering

The coming of the age of the electric scooter is bringing some tedious administrative problems into the lives of their oblivious riders, what with the popular gadgets not allowed by law to be used on anything other than a private bit of land. And Argos not doing a very good job of communicating this boring legislative fact to buyers. Read More >>

Lime Launches Global Recall of Some E-Scooters Over Reports They Can Break While Being Used

Just weeks after Lime said it pulled some of its electric scooters from the streets of major cities over their alleged potential to catch fire, it has now issued a global recall of some of its scooters over claims that they can break apart during use. Read More >>

Fight Between Lime and Segway Over Alleged Flaming Scooters Is Getting Heated

The heat is on in an apparent fight between two e-scooter companies after Lime said earlier this week that some of the batteries made by one of its manufacturers, Segway Ninebot, could catch fire. Now, Segway is squaring up against the allegation, suggesting instead that Lime doesn’t understand how batteries work. Read More >>

Don’t Expect Those Electric Scooter Sharing Services to Come to the UK

Over in the US the latest hip trend is to launch a scooter-sharing service, like the bike sharing services but with the option of leaving an electric scooter at the bottom of a canal. Those companies are planning on expanding, but you shouldn't expect them to be coming to the UK anytime soon. Read More >>

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Mad-Scientist Dad Just Won Father’s Day By Building His Son a Jet-Powered Scooter

What was the best thing your parents ever built for you? A treehouse? Maybe a go-kart? I’m afraid their efforts pale in comparison to the jet-powered scooter Colin Furze built for his son who finally has a definite answer to the question, “which parent do you love the most?” Read More >>

A Startup Set Its Scooters to Scream ‘Unlock Me or I’ll Call the Police’ When They’re Touched

It’s happened to everyone: You’re walking home, minding your own business, when no random devices suddenly screaming at you about how the police are coming if you happen to bump into them. Fortunately, someone is finally disrupting that space. Read More >>

The Classic Vespa Scooter Is Finally Going Electric

There’s not much info aside from “we promise it’s coming,” but Vespa has finally revealed it’s making an electric version of its iconic scooter. Read More >>

Is This Fast Electric Scooter Impossibly Awesome or Totally Lame?

What do you do when you leave your successful battery case startup? If you’re Daniel Huang, the guy that co-founded Mophie, you make ugly electric scooters. Read More >>

You Can Soon Buy That Tiny Scooter That Looks Like a Laptop You Can Ride

A Segway you can carry in a laptop bag? That’s what Cocoa Motors promised when it revealed the WalkCar, an ultra-compact personal transport, last year. And finally, after a year of perfecting its design, the WalkCar will be available for pre-order starting on October 21st. Read More >>

A Record-Breaking 107 MPH Mobility Scooter Makes Me Excited to Grow Old

It’s generally assumed that when you reach retirement age, life starts to slow down. But not for mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine who spent six months upgrading a 10 MPH mobility scooter into a record breaking dragster that officially hit a top speed of 107.6 MPH. Read More >>

Razor’s Jetts Turn Any Pair of Shoes Into Rolling Heelys

Admit it, when you see a group of kids wearing Heelys roll past you, deep down you wish there was a version for adults, right? With Razor’s new strap-on Jetts, there finally is. And they work with any pair of shoes, and any grownup weighing under 12.5 stone (80kg). Read More >>

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Watch a Bunch of Medieval LARPers Joust Using ‘Hoverboards’ as Horses

Self-balancing scooters are great. They're so great that people everywhere have started calling them hoverboards (guilty), even though they definitely don’t hover. A group of LARP-loving nerds are also big fans, and have decided to make a video of them jousting in full Medieval gear, while balanced on these hi-tech contraptions. Read More >>

Keep Your Stupid Balance Scooter in the Kitchen — They’re Illegal on UK Roads and Pavements

The Crown Prosecution Service has updated its road traffic offences guidelines to make reference to the bizarre Chinese Segway knock-off trend that's storming the world. And it's not good news for children hoping for one for Christmas -- they're illegal. On roads. And pavements. Read More >>

Mate, it’s Not a Hoverboard 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested at LAX airport in Los Angeles this week. What was he arrested for? If we’re to believe almost every headline, Wiz’s crime was joyriding a hoverboard at the airport. Are we finally living in the future Back To The Future II promised us? Read More >>

What are All Those Weird New Skateboards and Scooters You See on the Street?

The Renaissance. The Industrial Revolution. The Computer Age. Each era of history has produced its own remarkable inventions. What will history remember most clearly about our own epoch? Perhaps the many kooky ways we’ve invented to avoid walking to work. Read More >>