Reddit Bans Slew of Communities Amid New Rule Targeting Sales, Trades, and Giveaways

Reddit’s bread and butter may be links and comments, but the site has a long history as a facilitator of gift swaps, and a backwoods marketplace. New site rules enacted today make much of that behaviour prohibited. Read More >>

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Can This Scratch-and-Sniff Book Turn You Into a Whiskey Aficionado?

While the clear intentions of vodka and gin were an easy sell for my cocktail glass, I admit it took me a little longer to dabble in the dark liquors. Mostly because I was confused. Was rye like bourbon? But what the hell was scotch? And apparently they’re all whiskey? If only I’d had this book. Read More >>

Japan Sneaks 2015 Best Whisky Award

A Japanese whisky going by the name Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 has been declared the drink to drink, winning the top prize in the World Whisky Bible. Read More >>

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We Went to Scotland to See How Real Scotch is Born

Among connoisseurs, scotch whisky is heralded as a complex delicacy. Listen in on a tasting: You'll swear they're describing an entire dinner entrée, not a sip of booze. But scotch distillers need only three ingredients—and a barrel-full of technique—to make that magical elixir, as I learned while touring the Aberlour distillery in Scotland. Read More >>

Guess What the World’s Most Consumed Spirit Is

In the world of booze there's just so much to choose from. You've got your fine wines, stoic ales, and enough crisp lagers to sink a battleship, but you'd be surprised just how many billions of spirits are drunk globally. What's your bet for the most consumed liquor? Read More >>

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A Drinking Game You Play with Your iPad

Proof is an elegantly designed web app drinking game for the iPad that encourages you to learn something about alcohol while you're drinking alcohol. But don't think of it as a student drinking game, instead think fancy man with a glass of scotch drinking experience. Read More >>

Japan’s Most Expensive Single Malt Is a 50-Year-Old Virgin

If you can even find one of these ultra-limited-edition bottles of single malt whiskey from Suntory Holding, consider yourself lucky. Not many people even have the opportunity to glimpse one and even fewer are able to pony up the £8,000 to buy one. Read More >>

Whisky + Lasers = a Glass Full of Awesome

You know what's great? Really good scotch whisky. You know what's not great? Fake scotch whisky. Worry not. Researchers at St. Andrews University have figured out how to test your whisky's authenticity by shooting it with lasers. Mmm, whisky-lasers... Read More >>