Curious About Scotland? Try it in VR First

Stressed about exchange rates and want to holiday nearer home this year so every family lunch doesn't cost £85? Try Scotland. It uses the same money, mostly the same language and has mountains and sea and B&Bs, and if you're still not sure there's now an option to have a quick look around its greatest tourists spots in VR before committing to getting there. Read More >>

This 3,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Sword Is Absolutely Incredible

In what archaeologists are calling the “find of a lifetime,” a horde of Late Bronze Age weapons has been discovered at a Scottish construction site. Among the items found is a gold-decorated spearhead, and a 3,000-year-old bronze sword in remarkably good condition. Read More >>

Celebrate St Andrew’s Day With the Best of Scottish Technology

Google still thinks lying to tourists about dinosaurs still being real is Scotland's greatest contribution to the world. But it's not. And no, it's not deep-frying Mars bars, either. Read More >>

World’s Shortest Flight Logs 1,000,000th Passenger

The world's shortest scheduled flight, which links the remote Orkney islands of Westray and Papa Westray, carried its one millionth customer this week -- quite a remarkable feat on a route that currently operates a tiny eight-seater plane. Read More >>

Earn Some Cash on the Side by Talking to Google in a Scottish Accent

Google can help you earn $$$$ by working from home, as long as you're Scottish and have access to a PC and/or Android-powered mobile phone. Read More >>

Scotland Will Soon Get the World’s Biggest Floating Offshore Windfarm

Congratulations to the people who live north of Hadrian's Wall. Your country’s seas are about to become the proud guardians of the world’s largest floating wind farm. Read More >>

Rail Workers Strike, Disrupting Christmas Train Services Between London and Scotland

It’s the news we’ve all been dreading. Hundreds of people hoping to get home in time for Christmas day will have to put up with major disruption on overnight train services between London and Scotland, as rail workers on the Caledonian Sleeper kick off a 48-hour strike. Read More >>

Hundreds of Dinosaur Footprints Found in a Scottish Lagoon

A team of researchers has happened upon several hundred footprints left by Middle Jurassic dinosaurs at a coastal lagoon in Scotland. Read More >>

Doesn’t Look Like Google Put Much Effort into its St. Andrew’s Day Doodle

Today's Google Doodle is meant to honour Scotland, seeing as it's St. Andrew's Day today. Can the tech geniuses of the world really not manage anything better or more inventive/celebratory than a crappy animated GIF of the Loch Ness Monster, with even the Google logo font looking rubbish and not adhering to its own guidelines? Read More >>

Uber Taxi App Hits Edinburgh This Afternoon, With Local Cabbies Welcoming the Competition

Less than a month after landing in Glasgow, Uber is hitting the Scottish capital today. The taxi app’s Edinburgh service goes live at 4pm this afternoon, and the company’s expecting it to prove very popular indeed. Read More >>

War Games Jamming GPS in Scotland This Week

Small parts of the Scottish highlands will see their GPS availability jammed this week, thanks to war games taking part in the area and the deployment of jamming devices to simulate a modern war where tanks relying on Google Maps are storming the UK. Read More >>

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Watch the Spectacular Demolition of a Power Station’s Huge Chimneys

The controlled demolition of old buildings is always a fun thing to watch, especially when demolition experts do extremely accurate maths in order to bring down huge structures. Just like in the case of the coal-fired Cockenzie power station in East Lothian, Scotland. Read More >>

Scottish Boozing Restrictions are Slowing its Economy

New rules regarding how much alcohol drivers are allowed to have in their blood are proving immensely successful in Scotland, so much so that the decline in people spending money on booze is having a measurable effect on the nation's economy. Read More >>

Own an Island for the Price of a London Two-Bed Flat

This pretty little tumbledown croft house could be yours for around £350k, along with the entire Scottish island it sits on. Read More >>

London Foodies Cash in on Burns Night With Haggis Pizza

Haggis pizza is not a new thing if you're in Scotland. The peppery meat dish is glorious when used as a pizza topping, and now you, Mr London, can try it for three times the price in one of your fancy eateries. Just don't get it in your ironic hipster beard or it'll look like you've got scabs and they won't let you on the bus home. Read More >>