Scotland’s Sky Proudly Displays Rare Triple Rainbow

People who live in the Scottish highlands can get bit blasé about rainbows, as they pop up everywhere and once you've filled your phone up with a few hundred photos of them there's not much point in getting excited about them any more. But someone's snapped one that's apparently so rare all the weather forecasters are excited; even the Scottish ones. Read More >>

Scottish Wind Power Bails Out Your Southern Air Conditioners

Scotland and its array of on and off-shore wind turbines hit a new record for renewable energy production in the first half of 2019, with enough power generated to fully run all the daisy-chained chargers and cheese chilling fridges of 4.47 million homes. Read More >>

Kids Pulled from Scottish School by Anti-5G Parents

A community is having a little implosion up on the Orkney island of Stronsay, where an early-doors trial of 5G services has seen a test mast installed on a local primary school, much to the anger of one set of parents who've pulled their kids out of the school as a result. Read More >>

Scottish Tourists Scared off by Potato Throwing Hooligans With a Chip on Their Shoulder

In a world where everyone is carrying a PC in their pocket that connects to the internet, giving them access to the far flung reaches of the world at any moment, a group of hoodlums has taken to throwing potatoes at Highland tourists as their chosen past-time instead. Local police are keeping their eyes peeled, but with no official complaint made about the incident, it seems the small fry will continue to terrorise residents for now. Read More >>

Scottish Police Target Drivers Getting Too Close to Cyclists in the Inventively Named Operation Close Pass

Scottish police have taken to their bikes to catch motorists who drive too close for comfort. The plain clothes officers are the perfect bait to catch drivers who don't leave the required safe passing distance of 1.5 metres when overtaking. Read More >>

palm oil
Use Manky Coffee Grounds Instead of Palm Oil, Say Scottish Entrepreneurs

The use of palm oil is a serious problem. It's found in around 50% of the packaged products in our supermarkets, yet is "a major driver of deforestation [...] destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino," per the WWF. Read More >>

Ship Museum Says Boats Aren’t Women Any More

Boats and ships in the care of the Scottish Maritime Museum are about to be subtly renamed, as it's been decided to stop imagining the boats as bizarre metal women of the sea, and end the practise of referring to boats as her/she. Read More >>

So Are Scottish Bank Notes Legal Tender Or What?

A liberal democrat MP is hoping to solve the long-running debate over whether Scottish bank notes are technically "legal tender" or not, by bringing the issue to the House of Commons in a possible future bill. Read More >>

Scottish “Spaceport” Seems to be Actually Happening

We assumed the idea of a spaceport in rural Scotland was an April Fool's joke with a really, really long gestation period, but apparently not. Architects have been engaged and told to draw up plans for a real, working, genuine spaceport. For Scotland. Read More >>

English People Rediscover Ancient Scottish Swear Words

March must be dictionary-buying season for some weird and long forgotten historical reason, as the boffins working for the Oxford English have released their regular round up of all the newly-included words we can expect to find in the latest editions of the famed word book. Read More >>

BBC Scotland a Winner, for the BBC, in Scotland

BBC Scotland, the new channel for Scotland from the BBC, has been a success in Scotland, says BBC Scotland, which says Scotland liked BBC Scotland so much so that Scotland watched BBC Scotland nearly more than anything else from the BBC, or in Scotland. Read More >>

BBC for Scotland Launches on Sunday

A small amount of swearing at digital TV boxes is required this Sunday, should viewers fancy watching an entire new channel from the BBC: BBC Scotland. Read More >>

Scotland’s Refurbished Trains Still Shit on the Tracks

Bear with us on this one, right, but if the Pope was to visit Inverness and Glasgow on an official visit to Scotland, and let's say he travelled by train and needed a poo mid-journey, then Read More >>

Vegan Irn-Bru Sandwiches Exist Now

We didn't think there was much of a crossover between Irn-Bru fans and vegans, but either we were wrong or a café is about to go bust, because it's gone to all the effort of creating a sandwich that combines the two. Read More >>

irn bru
Genius Scotsman Reverse-Engineers His Own Full-Sugar Irn Bru

News that the sugar in Irn Bru was being cut in half did not go down well in Scotland, where it's the best-selling drink – above even Coca-Cola products, which win in most territories. But an enterprising Scotsman reckons he's come up with a homebrew recipe that tastes the same as the old version. Read More >>