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Making a Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses From Scratch Is Insanely Hard

Here’s some free advice if you ever find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world and need glasses: squint. Because after watching How to Make Everything attempt to make a pair of prescription eyeglasses, let me tell you, it’s going to really, really hard for you to actually make a pair yourself. There are just so many materials and so many steps and so many places where things can go wrong that getting a lens that’s clear enough and that is shaped to what your eyeballs needs that it seems impossible. Read More >>

This is Why You Scratch an Itch

Scientists have long struggled to explain what actually causes the sensation of itching – now we know what to blame. Read More >>

The Best Way to See If the iPhone 5 Scratches Is to Scratch the Hell Out of It Inside the Store

I'm totally not suggesting that you do this yourself but if you're so very worried about scratching the iPhone 5 and/or a close follower of scuffgate, or whatever they call it these days, know this: stuff scratches. Especially stuff made from aluminium. The iPhone 5 is no different. Read More >>

Does Your New iPhone 5 Scratch Easily?

So, you've got the new iPhone. You've been downloading apps all weekend. It's a joy to use. But... we're hearing some reports that suggest the latest iPhone picks up scratches faster than data flows through its new Lightning connector. Read More >>

Smell What it’s Like Outside With ‘Scratch & Sniff’ Gardeners’ World Magazine

The next issue of Gardners' World Magazine will give housebound vegetation fans the chance to get a real whiff of the outdoors, thanks to featuring an equally horrifying and interesting "Scratch & Sniff" front cover, plus a mystery smell inside. Read More >>

Scratching Your Ankle Is the Most Pleasurable Itch-Scratching Relief of All

Scientists have made the shocking discovery that it's your ankle, not your back, that feels the most awesome to scratch when you are itchy. Read More >>