The iPhone 5C Looks Much More Scratch-Proof Than the iPhone 5

After seeing that shiny black plastic back shell the other day, which purported to be from the iPhone 5C, I was worried that it'd be a scratch-prone mess like the iPhone 3G and 3GS were before it. But a new video out of Taiwan seems to suggest it's pretty hardy, something akin to Samsung's plastic-backed Galaxy S III and S4. Read More >>

iPad Mini Chipping
Is the iPad Mini Getting Totally Scratched Up too?

The iPhone 5's gotten a lot of stick of late for the fact that it's really easy to chip off and scratch its black coating, leaving the exposed metal poking through and making a brand new iPhone look like it's 5 years old in a matter of days. Now, it seems like the iPad Mini's got the exact same problem. Read More >>

Phil Schiller: That iPhone 5 Scratching Is Totally Normal

That iPhone 5 you bought at great expense, that's getting scratched and scuffed even though you're being really careful with it? Yeah, that's totally normal. At least, according to Apple's Phil Schiller it is. It's aluminium -- deal with it. Read More >>

Rumour: Is the New iPhone 5’s Black Back Susceptible to Scratching?

Apple's traded a glass back for an anodised aluminium one for the iPhone 5, but is it one step forward, two steps back, at least in terms of scratch resistance? MacRumors is reporting that some people have already seen scratching all over the back of their brand new iPhone 5s, and they're barely hours old. Read More >>