Raspberry Pi Now Has an Official Screen for Sedentary Fun

The development hotbed of the Raspberry Pi scene finally has an official display to add to the pioneering miniature computer, with the hardware maker launching its Raspberry Pi 7-inch Touchscreen Display for less than £50. Read More >>

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Why Don’t We All Just Stop Staring At Each Other’s Screens?

One of the more annoying things about public transport is that you can rarely maintain any sense of privacy when using your gadgets. It can be maddening when you have to work or communicate and someone keeps looking at your notebook's screen. Read More >>

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How to Not Be Wrong When You’re Talking About Smartphone Displays

A lot of amazing engineering and design goes into making your smartphone. And smartphone displays are one of the most important parts — they're your window onto the internet, and the world. But the technical terms we use to describe them can be pretty confusing. Here's how to sound like you know what you're talking about when it comes to displays. Read More >>

Just How Much Better is Amazon’s Kindle Voyage Screen?

Amazon's £169 Kindle Voyage is as good as an e-reader gets. We already told you that. But just how good is that new glass screen compared to the Paperwhite's plastic panel? You may (or may not!) be surprised at the difference. Read More >>

While You Weren’t Looking, Dell Announced the Most Interesting Tablet

Apple! Apple! Apple! You were probably too busy gawking at Cupertino's precious new watch and giant smartphones to notice anything else that happened in the world of technology this week. There's no shame in that. But if you were paying attention to the 2014 Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco, you might have gotten a glimpse of a truly incredible tablet. Michael Dell himself walked out on stage to announce the device, and we tried it that very afternoon. Read More >>

Dev Specs Hint at Higher-Resolution Display for iPhone 6

New resolution options in Apple's iOS 8's Xcode 6 tools and springboard launcher suggest more screen options are coming to the Apple universe, with the magic numbers of 828 x 1472 suggesting iPhone 6's screen could out-pixel the 5S's 640 x 1136 display. Read More >>

How to Build an Amazing Secret Monitor Only You Can See

Dealing with sensitive numbers in a top secret Excel spreadsheet? Reading classified documents that you don't want people to see? Or most likely, exploring the more salacious parts of the Internet and don't want to be thought of as a creep? Follow these instructions that show you how to create an awesome secret monitor only you can see. Read More >>

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It Seems You Really Can Use Pretty Much Anything to Write on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

When we had a brief play with the mahoosive Xperia Z Ultra, Sony showed off its impressive screen-writing tech using a ballpoint pen. It's meant to be able to detect anything from pens and pencils to keys and nails forgoing a real stylus, and it seems that's not just marketing bluster. You really can use anything including coins and a Stanley knife. Ouch. Read More >>

Uh, Microsoft, I Think You Forgot Something

Windows 8.1 has addressed a lot of issues that people had with Microsoft's favourite child -- and by that, I mean it stuck a Start button down in the bottom-right corner. But there's a much greater, much deeper problem holding back Windows, and 8.1, rather than fixing it, Microsoft only gave it the most cursory of nods. Read More >>

Apparently This is the iPhone 5S’s Screen and Guts

It's that time of the year again, where Apple's next iPhone is probably being built in factories all over China, resulting in random parts being spat out onto the Internets. Today we have both a screen and logic board supposedly from the incoming iPhone 5S or whatever it ends up being called. Read More >>

This Is HP’s Take on the Retina MacBook Pro

HP has just announced a big overhaul of its Envy and Pavilion ranges, and most of the updates are fairly uninspiring — apart from the company's take on Apple's Retina MacBook Pro. Read More >>

Samsung’s Bendy Screens Almost on the Horizon

Seeing as Samsung's pushed the boundaries of phone size to their absolute limits, it was only a matter of time before they were forced to try and completely reinvent the whole smartphone scene (and stick it to Apple and their copyright lawyers once and for all). Sammy's answer? Bendy screens, now reportedly less than a year from launch. I can hear the drop-testers salivating already. Read More >>

iPhone 5 Scrolling “Glitch” Exposed by Flailing Fingers

A weird glitch with Apple's iPhone 5 has been uncovered, which sees touch input drop out when the phone's display is continuously stimulated. It's pretty niche and unlikely to break anything too seriously, but it might effect some gaming uses if left unchecked. Read More >>

Sharp’s New 5-inch HD Display Is Crystal Clear

Sharp's launching a new 5-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display this week in Japan — and it's one of the most pixel-dense screens to date. Read More >>

Your Future iPad’s Display Might Have Built-In Speakers

Apple's always publishing patents, but here's one that sounds rather fun: imagine an iPhone or iPad with a flexible display that has speakers built in to it, to provide surround sound. Read More >>