“Problematic Smartphone Usage” is the New Scourge of the Kids

Psychiatric experts have got together to declare that smartphone addiction appears to be a very real thing, with research backing this up by identifying symptoms of "problematic smartphone usage" and behaviours mirroring those of addicts in nearly a quarter of young people. But will they still turn out OK and like normal adults? Read More >>

DisplayPort 2.0 Is Finally Here, and This Is Why It Matters

You might not have heard much about DisplayPort, as the HDMI rival is limited mostly to high-end monitors, dedicated graphics cards, and other premium, professional tech. A new version of DisplayPort is upon us though—the standard’s biggest upgrade yet—and it could be enough to earn the technology a place in more devices in the future. Read More >>

Scientists Created a Display With Pixels a Million Times Smaller Than Those on a Smartphone

Smartphone makers might soon not have much to brag about when it comes to the number of pixels they can fit on a pocket-sized screen. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have come up with a way to create pixels that are a million times smaller than those used on even Apple’s Retina displays. But extreme pixel density is somehow the least interesting part of this breakthrough. Read More >>

Is Your Pixel 3 Screen a Knackered Disco Strobe?

More than a few owners of Google's high-priced 2018 Pixel 3 are experiencing problems with their device's screens, which have developed a variety of glitching issues including a disorientating bright yellow flash when switching the screen off; in the same fashion as exhibited by last year's Pixel 2 XL. Read More >>

Next-Gen Surgeons Can Barely Use a Pair of Scissors

A man who's in charge of educating the next generation of surgeons is bemoaning the skills of his current collection of trainees, warning that the kids are so used to pawing at images of funny dogs on screens that they don't have the manual dexterity required to properly operate the knives and needles of fine surgery. Read More >>

At Least We All Have a 70 inch TV Now

John Lewis, the retail chain not the man on Twitter who's about to get busy again, has revealed some stats about the sort of junk the nation buys from it. The headline WTF number is that the size of TVs people purchase continues to grow exponentially, with sales of 70-inch models particularly on the up. Read More >>

Media MP Rules Out Screen-Time Laws for Kids

Law-facilitating culture node Matt Hancock MP has ruled out interfering with our current tablet and smartphone babysitting system, with the culture secretary saying there's no need for formal legislation to limit, or attempt to limit, the percentage of their lives that children fritter away watching braying cocks pretending to be excited about unwrapping a Twix on YouTube. Read More >>

This Asus Laptop Has a 5.5-inch Display Where the Trackpad Should Be

You know what is decidedly extra, but also frustratingly enticing? A laptop with a display in the trackpad. Razer hinted at it with its concept Project Linda back at CES. But Asus... Asus just went ahead and built a display into the trackpad of a laptop you can buy later this year. Read More >>

A Quarter of Toddlers Have a Better Phone Than You

Old people: prepare to shake your heads so much so that you do your neck in for a week, as new research into the popularity of phones among children has been released; revealing that around 25 per cent of children under the age of six have their own smartphone. Read More >>

Apple Exploring Making its Own Displays for Watches and iPhones: Report

One of the major keys to Apple’s success over the years has been the tight control it exerts over the components in its devices. Many things such as the iPhone’s A-series processors and metal and glass chassis are designed in house, in order to meet the company’s demanding specifications, before being sent to big manufactures like Foxconn or TSMC. However, when it comes to displays, Apple has relied on what are essentially off-the-shelf components from third-parties like LG (which makes the screen currently used in the Apple Watch) and Samsung (who makes the screen used in the iPhone X). Based on a report from Bloomberg, that could change. Read More >>

It’s OK to Give Your Kids More Screen Time, Say Researchers

How much time are you allowed to let some sort of display act as a babysitter before it becomes bad for your children? It's a debate that's rumbled on for as long as screens have been a thing, and pops up a lot more often now that we live in the age of tablets, YouTube, video games, and all those other high tech things kids love to star at. Well the latest addition says its alright to let your kids have more time in front of a screen. Read More >>

Screen Time Helps Your Kid Become a Future Genius IT Warrior, Says ex-GCHQ Boss

Robert Hannigan, the former boss of security/spying hotbed GCHQ, has waded into the debate about excess screen time for children. In short, he thinks it's great as there's a small chance that some rectangle-eyed 12-year-old YouTube addict could turn out to be the cyber-defender this country may need in the future. Read More >>

Apple’s Official Phone-Repairing Tech is Coming to a High Street Near You

Apple has announced that it's to make it easier for some third-party resellers of its gear to fix broken screens, as it's to allow some independent shops to install the same technology it uses in Apple shops to help replace broken components. Read More >>

Researchers Discover a Method That Could Triple Our Screen Resolutions

A research team at the University of Central Florida has developed a new surface that allows the tuning of individual subpixels on a display. The breakthrough might mean the potential display resolutions on LCD TVs could triple, virtually overnight. Read More >>

This Video Drone Is the Future of Inescapable Advertising 

Advertisers have found ways to bombard us with promotions no matter what we’re doing: watching TV, checking social media, and even when streaming music. But the future of advertising could be even more invasive when the next public event you attend is full of flying video drones projecting inescapable video everywhere you look. Read More >>