Is This the First Multi-Tool With a Really Good Screwdriver?

The phrase “jack of all trades but master of none” might be best suited to describing multi-tools. They’re useful in a pinch, when no other tools are available, but the tools are far from ideal. But that’s something Gerber wants to change with its new Center-Drive featuring implements that have been specifically redesigned for usability. Read More >>

star wars
You Don’t Need a Droid When You’ve Got Lightsaber Screwdrivers in Your Toolbox

R2-D2 and BB-8 have saved the day countless times in what will probably end up being a never-ending series of movies. But droids are an expensive companion, and you’ll never have to put up with any sass-talking from this set of lightsaber-handled screwdrivers. Read More >>

Splash Some Silly Money on This Programmable Electric Screwdriver

If you love tinkering and have a grand to spare you might want to consider Ingersoll Rand when shopping for a cordless drill. The company's awfully-named QXX2PT08PQ4 QX Series precision screwdriver can actually be programmed via USB to your computer, letting you create custom speed and torque profiles for different tasks. Read More >>

Swapping Bits On This Semi-Auto Screwdriver Is Like Reloading a Hand Gun

You'll never be lacking the necessary bit with Worx's new semi-automatic electric screwdriver that uses reloadable cartridges and a slide-action mechanism to switch tips. Just be careful not to wander into any newsagents with it after doing repairs, because one look at the screwdriver and the clerk will be hitting the silent alarm. Read More >>