Original Hartnell Doctor Who Script Sells For £6k

A quite astonishing piece of BBC, TV, Doctor Who and British cultural history has gone up for sale, with an original script for the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who appearing for auction. Read More >>

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The 7 Funniest Movies of All Time

The Writers Guild of America put out a list of what they think the 101 funniest screenplays are and it’s filled with all time classics and favourites and movies that are watchable over and over again. We put together a video showing scenes from the top seven on the list and it definitely makes us want to watch everything else on the list. Read More >>

Four Typefaces That Let You Write Like Einstein and Other Famous Thinkers

The art of handwritten script is lost on most of us keyboard-attached slobs. But over the past few years, a small group of designers have dug into the archives of famous thinkers and artists to bring their script into the digital world. You too can write like Einstein, even if you can’t think like him. Read More >>

Doctor Who Scripts Leaked in BBC Worldwide Translation Error

Five scripts for the upcoming Peter Capaldi series of Doctor Who were accidentally made public on the website of one of the BBC Worldwide's overseas divisions, with the highbrow literary masterpieces quickly finding their way onto the torrent sites. Read More >>

Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Find Good Movies

You know when you get in those funks where you feel like every movie is the same, or pointless, or badly written? You might just be watching a tonne of junk on Netflix, but before you judge too harshly you should look at the pile of crap that readers have to whittle down to find good scripts. Read More >>