Master Sculptor Recreates a Fallout 4 Deathclaw In Astounding Detail

In Fallout lore, Deathclaws were originally replacement troops in the Great War. They’re huge, scaly, and fast, and terrifying. This clay model from Sculpture_Geek is so realistic, it looks about ready to jump off its stand and headbutt you. Read More >>

Giant, Miserable Cartoon Metaphors Are Stomping Around Yorkshire

A series of gigantic toys are being erected in Yorkshire, as the first UK exhibit from US sculptor and artist KAWS opens for business. Read More >>

10,000 Bic Pens Were Repurposed Into This Sculpture

The Bic ballpoint is a triumph of efficient design; it’s also a pretty good mascot for disposable consumption, with 100 billion having been manufactured since the 1950s. But empty pens are good for more than just landfill: chain 10,000 together, and you can have yourself a neat canopy. Read More >>

An Adorable Felt Apple Watch That Never Needs Charging

You caved on the iPod Touch, and maybe even bought your child a cheap tablet, but how are you going to explain to them that there's no way you're buying them a £300+ Apple Watch? Easy, you just make an adorable felt alternative like Hiné Mizushima did and tell them it's powered by their imagination so it never needs charging – unlike your actual smartwatch that's already about to die. Read More >>

I Want This Darth Vader Sculpture Made From Scrap Metal

French sculptor Alain Bellino has quite an impressive portfolio of metal sculptures with some sci-fi references, but this Darth Vader helmet made from old brass ornaments is pretty incredible. Read More >>

This Bandsawed Cityscape Table Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Furniture maker-cum-sculptor James McNabb is pretty handy with a bandsaw and some repurposed wood. What you're looking at is what he likes to call "urban woodworking". Read More >>

Watch a Very Detail-Orientated Man Carve the Eiffel Tower Into a Pencil

We've seen plenty of tiny works of art hit the internet lately. But it's truly rare to see how one of these impossibly small masterpieces is actually created. Architecture students in Mumbai offer us a glimpse at the mini sculpture skills of Vilas Lakkabathini in this video, though, and it's transfixing. Read More >>

This Artist Sculpts Panes of Glass Into 3D Oceans

Ben Young taught himself everything he knows about sculpture. Over the course of the past decade, he's perfected a method of cutting panes of glass into unusual shapes and fusing them together to make beautiful sculptures. They're beautifully intriguing. Read More >>

400 Tonnes of Plate Glass Went Into This Incredible Maze

What does 400 tonnes of pure glass look like? At the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art this month, you can find out—thanks to a new maze designed and built by the artist Robert Morris using 968,902 lbs of one-inch-thick glass. Read More >>

3d printing
1914 Coney Island Diorama is the World’s Largest Desktop-Printed Sculpture

Luna Park opened in Brooklyn in 1903, during the heyday of Coney Island attractions. This weekend, artist Fred Kahl pays tribute to the park's history with a 3D-printed model depicting it as it appeared 100 years ago. It's being billed as the largest art installation ever created on a desktop 3D printer, and building it involved some fascinating, custom-made technology. Read More >>

These Mysterious Desert Monoliths are Actually Richard Serra Sculptures

N25o 31.019'E050o51.948': You need a set of GPS coordinates to visit Richard Serra's newest work, which stretches more than a half-mile through the Qatari desert. Read More >>

Spooky Art Installation Puts Mesmerising Video on Moving Sculpture

Artist Robert Seidel loves to play at the fuzzy border between sculpture, still images, and art in motion. He's at it again with "grapheme," projecting piercingly bizarre video images on delicate suspended shapes that defy the conventions of a stationary, rectangular screen. Read More >>

Beautiful Custom Motorbike is Actually a 360-Degree Security Camera

This gorgeous custom motorbike began its life as an utterly mundane Honda P25, a fuel-efficient 1960s scooter. But motorcycle artisan Chicara Nagata turned it into a sweeping sculpture with a social-commentary twist: the tiny bike carries four infrared security cameras in its frame, built at the behest of a Japanese security company. Read More >>

Watch Magnetic Tape Fall Like Water in This Hypnotic Video

Japanese artist Ei Wada, who was born in 1987, belongs to a generation that spent middle school feverishly poring over cassettes to make mix tapes—until, of course, they were quickly outmoded by CDs, and then MP3s. Now, Ei makes art using the outmoded technologies he grew up with. Read More >>