New SD Cards Will Support 360, 3D and 8K Video at up to 90MBps

It’ll soon be time to toss out your dusty old memory cards. The SD Association has announced that the next generation of cards will support 360 degree, 3D and 8K video, all at write speeds of up to an amazing 90MB per second. Read More >>

Want MicroSD in Your Galaxy S6? Consider This Battery Boosting Case

We called the Galaxy S6 the best smartphone you can buy. Some would consider that a betrayal. After all, the S6 doesn’t have removable batteries or SD card slots anymore; it’s completely sealed. Well,IC there exists a new case that might solve at least one of those problems. Read More >>

SanDisk Just Made the Fastest 4K-Slinging SD Card Yet

SanDisk just announced an absurdly fast card that can go almost three times faster than the previous champ. Why do you need all that horsepower? To chomp 4K video, of course. Read More >>

SD Cards Are Tiny, Hackable Computers (For Good or Evil)

An SD card isn't just a dumb chunk of memory; it's a dumb chunk of memory with a built-in brain, a microcontroller. And at this year's Chaos Computer Congress, enterprising hackers showed off exactly what those brains can be used for: cheap hardware for makers or malware machines for malcontents. Read More >>

These Are the World’s Fastest SD Cards (For Now, at Least)

If you worry that your SD cards just can't keep up with the pace, fret no longer. Toshiba has the world's fastest SD cards, in the shape of the new Exceria Pro SDHC series, to deal with your ridiculous data acquisition needs. Read More >>

Eye-Fi Mobi Sends Photos to Your Phone, No Internet Connection Required

Eye-Fi cards have been around since 2006 as a way to wirelessly transmit your digital camera photos to your computer or mobile device. The catch was that you had to connect to a Wi-Fi network before in order to do so. Not so with the new Eye-Fi Mobi. Read More >>