Steven Moffat Puts the Doctor Vs. Doctor Who Name Debate to Rest

It has vexed fans for years that some people call the main character of Doctor Who “Doctor Who” instead of just “The Doctor.” Well, departing showrunner Steven Moffat has some good news for the side which has insisted for years that either name is correct. Read More >>

All the News You Might Have Missed at San Diego Comic Con 2017

This past weekend was the annual Comic Con in San Diego, the biggest event in the nerd calendar. The world of comics, film, TV, and general geek culture all squeeze into a single city to show off some of the stuff they have planned for the next six to twelve months. That means there's a lot of news, and despite the fact it took over Giz UK over the weekend, we didn't room for everything. So here's our rundown of all the big news we didn't have time for. Read More >>

The CW’s Next DC Animated Series Stars a Gay Superhero in World Where the Nazis Won WWII

We’ve known about Freedom Fighters: The Raythe first DC/CW series to feature an openly LGBTQ lead character—for a while, but the network finally gave us a look at it at Comic-Con. The trailer reveals that Ray will fight alongside a team called the Freedom Fighters—including DC superheroes Red Tornado, Black Condor, and Phantom Lady—on Earth X, a world where (and stop me if you’ve heard this one before lately) the Nazis won World War II. Read More >>

Something Has Gone Wrong With Time in the Very First Footage From Doctor Who’s Christmas Special

Even though they had just finished filming the Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time,” Doctor Who brought a small glimpse of it to Comic-Con—along with the news that Pearl Mackie would return as Bill, as well as frequent Moffat collaborator Mark Gatiss. Read More >>

Frank Miller’s Giving the Man of Steel Another New Origin Story in Superman: Year One

Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One took the detective who made DC comics the powerhouse that it is today gave him one of the most character-defining origin stories in modern comics that’s gone on to colour much of the way that we see Batman today. Now, Miller’s doing the same for Superman. Read More >>

The Next Season of Lucifer Promises a ‘Deeper Dive Into Devilishness’

The Lucifer panel began with a teaser reel showing snippets of the shenanigans we’ll see in the show’s four upcoming standalone episodes, which will air ahead of season three this fall. There’ll be partying, fighting, Vegas mischief, and at least one scene involving the juggling of breast implants. Read More >>

In a World Without Fantastic Four Comics, DC Basically Decided to Make Their Own

For the past few years, the Fantastic Four have been absent — both in Marvel’s comics universe and in reality. Although Marvel seems to be uninterested in filling this hole in the comics landscape, it appears DC is more than willing to give it a go: say hello to The Terrifics, DC’s own quirky quartet. Read More >>

Thor Ragnarok’s Big Flame Beastie Surtur Will be Played by Shawshank Actor Clancy Brown

Thor Ragnarok is going to be ridiculous fun when it launches in UK cinemas on October 27. If Comic-Con footage of a surprisingly talkative Hulk didn't already tickle your fancy, perhaps the news that "the hardest screw that ever walked a turn at Shawshank" will voice the film's big-ass fire beastie will. Read More >>

Gotham Season 4 Will Feature Porky Psycho Professor Pyg

And here you were thinking that the Joker was bad. Executive producer John Stephens has been talking up Gotham series 4 at San Diego Comic-Con. As Screen Rant reports, the most interesting takeaway relates to the upcoming inclusion of one of Batman's most disturbing, bacon-loving foes. Yup, the disgusting Professor Pyg is coming to Gotham. Read More >>

Supergirl Is Done Being Kara Danvers in the First Look at Season Three

Kara Danvers has managed to dedicate her entire life to protecting the earth as Supergirl while also maintaining her civilian identity a secret. Much like her cousin, though, the constant stresses of leading a double life have been a significant an ever-present issue threatening to tear her apart. Read More >>

Legends of Tomorrow’s Hilarious New Trailer Sends Earth’s Mightiest Misfits Through Time and Space

Considering how season two of Legends of Tomorrow turned the show into one of the best, goofiest shows on TV, I’m very pleased to report that season three looks like more of the same in a very good way. Read More >>

Michelle Pfeiffer Will Play Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and The Wasp

Michelle Pfeiffer is returning to the world of superheroes: because the Ant-Man sequel just got a second Wasp in the form of the original hero herself. Read More >>

Here’s Why the Black Panther Footage Got a Standing Ovation at Comic-Con

Director Ryan Coogler played a huge chunk of footage from Black Panther at Marvel’s Comic-Con this Saturday evening, but Marvel did not elect to put it online. If you’re annoyed by this, well, good news, because I saw the footage and I’m going to tell you everything about it. The bad news is after you read this, you’re going to want to see the footage even more. Read More >>

Captain Marvel Will Be Fighting Skrulls in the ’90s in Her Movie

We still have a long time to wait before Marvel finally brings us the Captain Marvel movie we’ve (I’ve) all been waiting for, but at least we got some new details at studio head honcho Kevin Feige at Comic-Con: She’s going to be fighting the shape-changing aliens the Skrulls, Nick Fury has a major role but more importantly has two eyes, because the movie is set in the ‘90s. Whaaaaaa? Read More >>

Arrow’s New Trailer Tackles Oliver’s Grief and the Return of Black Siren

Of all the things US network CW had to trot out at Comic-Con this year, Arrow had the least to show — but what it did promises that the explosive (literally) events of the last season’s cliffhanger are going to enact a heavy toll on Oliver Queen. Read More >>