Ben Affleck Says He Loves Playing Batman But Doesn’t Get Around to Denying the Rumours He’s Leaving

During Warner Brother’s presentation of its upcoming DC superhero movies, Ben Affleck addressed the new rumours that he’ll soon by leaving the DC Expanded Universe. To say that his answer was vague is being generous. Read More >>

A Human Lego Minifigure is All Your Nightmares Come True

There’s finally a good reason to not feel bad about missing San Diego Comic-Con last week. The team at Tested, working with Frank Ippolito, a special effects makeup artist, wondered what a Lego Minifig would look like if it were human. The results, as it turns out, will have you terrified of even looking at Lego from this day on. Read More >>

Hot Toys May Have Accidentally Revealed a Crazy Suicide Squad Spoiler

Hot Toys, maker of preternaturally quality action figures, has its line of Suicide Squad toys on display at San Diego Comic-Con, as is standard procedure. What is less standard is that one of its figures is a character that hasn’t even been hinted at in all of Suicide Squad’s vast marketing, making it a bit of a spoiler. Read More >>

Everything We Spotted in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic Con Teaser

This week is a very special time for the nerd calendar. The annual International Comic Con is taking place over in San Diego, and that means all the big names from film, TV, gaming, and comics are discussing what they have planned over the next 12 months. Read More >>

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Oh God, the Future of Virtual Reality Looks Creepy as Hell

OK, so Oculus Rift? Awesome. Virtual reality treadmill? Dope. Gun controllers? Well duh; you've played Duck Hunt. Put them all together and you should get something unbelievably amazing, right? Right?! Read More >>